If you try to lock them up and heavily obfuscate them I will pull another 36 hour day and document them all.

My first real public project is coming.

I deserve a purple heart for figuring out that API.

More info soon.

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Guerrilla Software Liberation

If you have access to software or hardware documentation that is proprietary and is otherwise undocumented, it is your duty as a good librepunk to leak it.

This includes API documentation, Verilog, schematics, and source code.

Make torrents, put it on IPFS, put it on every git instance imaginable.

It's important to leak source code separately or clearly label such a thing so folks can use the "Chinese Wall" method of reverse engineering so the free implementation is completely legal to share. If it isn't, it will not replace the proprietary alternative effectively.

More information here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clean-ro

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Also please note that this post was inspired by the "Guerilla Open Access Manifesto" by the late, great Aaron Swartz.

If you liked what I just said, you'll probably love his piece.

It's available here as a webpage: archive.org/stream/GuerillaOpe

And here in plaintext using the US archive.org CDN: ia800605.us.archive.org/15/ite

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