Update on encryption backdoors in the US: The "E.A.R.N. I.T" act has been modified so that instead of federally mandated backdoors, it is done on a state-by-state basis.

Assuming it passes with this provision, and you live in the US, please be ready to go to state senate and congress meetings to explain to your legislators why mandated backdoors are a horrible idea. I'm considering writing out some talking points to use as a basis for such a thing.


This is disgustingly cunning, since the authors know that at the state level, it will get much less coverage and therefore pushback, however companies will implement it effectively worldwide even if it only passes in Mississippi or wherever because there's no practical way to make an encryption backdoor for a couple states only, since there's no way to make encryption backdoors for "certain parties only" in general.

@MatejLach Exactly. The other strange thing are softwares like GPG, LUKS, etc. They're international, and I really don't think they're going to implement backdoors because the Alabama senate had to wait a month to unlock a petty thief's iPhone. The regulation isn't even enforceable.

Not to mention that if you're really doing something so illegal that the FBI would need to get involved, I'm sure you don't mind risking the extra few years for illegal encryption.

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