Omar Roth is stepping down as maintainer of the Invidious project and the instance will be shutting down September 1st, 2020.

It seems to need programming contributors.

More here:

@polarisfm Another sad thing is that the project is documented so badly (like a lot of Open Source software), so any maintainer will hove to be good at reverse engineering... I offered to help Omar write some better development documentation, but he doesn't see the benefit... 😩

Omar still seems somewhat active in the Matrix channel. If you need to ask him anything, ask now. Documentation would be a wonderful thing, even if it's in a seperate repo. I don't know Crystal or I would offer to help.

@polarisfm I'm in the Invidious channel on ... it's all quiet there right now... But documentation, it's a subject I'll come back to... 🙂

@polarisfm See? I offered to write developer documentation for Invidious, but there was no interest from the developer... Sad, but what the heck.

I made the same offer for #peertube and got a similar response: the one-man #peertube dev, who prefers to work alone because it saves time...

I'm particularly sad about #peertube, because that's a project with an important social angle...

And, believe me, the #peertube source code is practically incomprehensible without developer documentation...

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