Apparently the Oculus Quest 2 requires you to sign in with a Facebook account.

Apparently it also uses a somewhat standard SoC (Snapdragon XR2, a modified Snapdragon 865) and runs Android.

Hopefully this motivates some people to get GNU/Linux running on it, even if it probably won't be blobless for a few years.

Note that the reason I named GNU/Linux instead of another Free operating system like Parabola BSD, Haiku, or even Alpine Linux is because most vendors have some level of official support for GNU/Linux operating systems.

GNU/Linux on the Nintendo Switch, for example, is more-or-less a slightly modified version of Nvidia's own official GNU/Linux distro shipped with Tegra X1 development boards.

Seeing other OSs would be great, but realistically (blobbed) GNU/Linux (or AOSP?) will be the first.

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Once there's a working Linux kernel it's fairly easy to get things working usually, but sometimes with hardware vendors that refuse to release source there are very strange incompatibilities with other OSs, even ones based on the Linux kernel.

Because they include proprietary modules and binary blobs, you're basically at the mercy of them to fix the issues.

"You need to run this specific build of the kernel, no other will work because we don't want to make it"

Plus there are often times very specific modifications they've made to userspace programs for optimization that they also do their best to keep behind lock and key (as much as is allowed by the license).

This is probably something you've never delt with on a typical x86 system, but hardware vendors are awful on most other architectures. You have to use their weird proprietary modules and programs or everything will break. Want to know why? Download Ghidra.

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This is why people prefer copyleft licenses for things they feel are at risk of being leeched off of from a large hardware vendor. If they violate the license and refuse to release the source for their modifications, there's at least a chance it can be forced out of them after a court battle.

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