I love tech companies upset about the fact they aren't allow to spy on people in some places anymore.

"It's our business model!" Okay, well have you considered it's a bad one?

Profitable enough tech businesses existed before everyone was collecting petabytes of data from unknowing users.

I'm not really a proponent of the free market, but I understand it well enough to know that the there's other ways to keep the lights on.

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The economy is in shambles right now. People are trying to ration their money so they have enough food to eat this month and Google is upset they may make 35 billion dollars instead of 40 billion.

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This is the problem with the free market: Companies don't just want some money, they want every conceivable penny.

They would've made more than any one person can conceptually understand, let alone spend, but they need continual profit increases from quarter to quarter to please their shareholders.

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@polarisfm Technically that’s only a problem with markets that are capitalist (have shareholders) and corporate (legally protect shareholders from accountabilty). The free market has its own problems, but the runaway consumption spiral we’re currently getting dragged into also requires capitalism and corporations to be slapped on top of it.

@polarisfm worked with someone from the US before who was really upset Bout gdpr because how dare the EU make decisions that affects US companies without those companies having input on the law.

I was so stunned by that statement, I stopped engaging in the conversation entirely. It was as if my brain had been DOSed

@spacekookie I think that says more about the influence US tech companies have over US law than anything else.

"I can't believe we didn't get to write the law that regulates our industry!"

@spacekookie It's so expected by companies at this point, when some other regulatory body can't be bought they think something has gone wrong.

No, that's the was it's supposed to work.

@spacekookie @polarisfm I mean yeah you can see it the other way around ... "How dare the US companies write software that affect EU citizens without citizens having input on the code."

@polarisfm it's like how so many us "news" sites don't work in the EU due to "technical" reasons.

@polarisfm Taking "all or nothing" to mean "If I don't have it all, then I have nothing"

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