PrawnOS - non-x86 freedom!

PrawnOS is a libre OS with a custom blobless Linux kernel focused on armv7 and armv8 ChromeOS devices.

So far the project supports the Asus C201 (armv7), Asus C100 (armv7), Samsung Chromebook Plus V1 (armv8), and Asus C101p (armv8).

The community surrounding it is small but it's one of the only ARM distros with a focus on software freedom and 100% blobless usage so I wanted to signal boost them.

If you can, please contribute.

PrawnOS FDSG Compliance 

PrawnOS's unique packages and configs are in their own repository and can also be added to any other Debian-based distro if desired

The project currently uses Debian's main repositories for other pakcages. PureOS's arm64 (armv8) packages can be used in place of Debian's but the issue is with armv7/armhf support

If you have the infrastructure to compile and host armhf builds of PureOS's Debian packages this would be of great help in the project being fully FSDG compliant

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@polarisfm I used PrawnOS to install Gentoo on my c201, it's a great OS!

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