Stripe cut off a project I was working on before it launched.

They won't tell me why.

Fuck payment processors.

This isn't uncommon. A lot of websites have payment processing cut off. Many of them get this same automated email that vaguely claims you were at a "high risk of chargebacks"

Exchange of money is something needed for a lot of Free Software projects to stay afloat. If Stripe does not like the goal of your project, or thinks it may piss off our corporate overloads, they just kill it.

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@polarisfm >Exchange of money is something needed for a lot of Free Software projects to stay afloat.

I mean, cryptocurrencies do solve this in a lot of aspects. There's a handful of registrars and hosting companies that take various cryptos as payment options. Transferring back to "real money" is difficult without KYCing and opening yourself up to similar problems and it opens up a bunch of extra things you need to think about but there's so many fringe activities that are just impractical to fund through traditional methods.

@lunch Crypto is manageable without KYC (albeit difficult). I don't need anonymity in this case to begin with, it's donators I want to have anonymity. Crypto donations were always planned to be an option for this project, but donation by card is easier for a lot of people. I'm having to look into accepting gift card payments now.

The project is quite explicitly against corporate interest, so I was expecting Stripe to cut it off, just not before it launched or was even announced.

@polarisfm I wish there was some good free software implementation for processing SEPA Direct Debit thing, it would reduced reliance on payment processors - at least in the EEA.

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