Here's a reminder that companies are above the law:

Sony BGM distributed multiple CDs with DRM that was a literal rootkit. When you'd put them into your computer, it was prompt you with a EULA. The malware would be installed regardless of if you accepted or declined the EULA, and users weren't made aware of what it was doing. CFA violation!​

The rootkit also used GPLv2 licensed software, which Sony obviously didn't abide by the terms of. Theft of intellectual property!

Sony wasn't punished.

@polarisfm Don't forget! Governments are above the law, not only that, they make and enforce the laws too! No need to pretend this is exclusive to business, government arguably does worse evils at a far higher, more damaging rate, and they were enabling this behavior in the first place!

@coyote Governments are above the law too, yes. At the end of the day governments and corporations have the same end goal, which is accumulation of power. Corporations help fund the government in exchange for favors. I'd say I hate both equally in most cases given that they're both parasites upon the general public.

@polarisfm Same I hate both pretty equally too. Nice to have a common enemy sometimes
@polarisfm Maybe I should elaborate, despite our likely political differences, I'm glad we share enemies
@coyote @polarisfm in my opinion, corporations are more of a threat and the government is another story
@coyote @polarisfm and the other is that the state itself is difficult, but there is still a chance that the state will support foss
@Gamercat @polarisfm I wish they would, but it again goes back to them supporting anticompetitive monopolistic practices by businesses, and the supporting of businesses like M$ that spy on the world and simultaneously pose a great existential threat to FOSS... I hope you're right though
@coyote @polarisfm I don't have an unambiguous relationship with the government, but I definitely think the biggest threat to the corporation.
@Gamercat @polarisfm I have had very unambiguous interactions with various forms of government that shows me they're crooked, evil, and willing to condemn innocents to punishments that don't fit the crime they're even being wrongfully accused of. I don't trust anyone with power and/or mainstream acceptance.
@coyote @polarisfm and I notice such a thing and a very dangerous thing that people support corporations in the event of actions against the government.
it already depends on the government, but as I see, on the one hand, the state gets what it deserves, but on the other hand, the influence of corporations increases
@coyote @polarisfm and how companies can get insolent in a closed system, I'm sure you know this more than me
@Gamercat @polarisfm All of them do and would I think... The regulation of Government is needed, we just need actual leaders who believe in something and don't lie to us, don't send our kids to foreign countries we've never heard of to die, and actually have a backbone to support actual human lives, not money or some other superficial bottom line
@coyote @polarisfm in Russia, in general, the situation is really without hope.
@Gamercat @polarisfm I feel the same for the US and China, and the UN...
@coyote @polarisfm in Russia at the moment under the control of the United States is more accurate by half.
@coyote @polarisfm more precisely, the Russian elite acts to please the US government, but there are a small number of people who are trying to do something, if I understand that
@Gamercat @polarisfm I hope they can do something. It's all so tiresome...
@Gamercat @polarisfm @coyote If the Russian elite really wanted to please the US, Russia wouldn't be in Ukraine, Syria and Georgia.

@Gamercat @coyote @polarisfm

Yeah, fixing the government at least in the USA boils down to getting rid of First Past The Post voting system so that it can finally allows the voter to actually vote on the party that actually represents them without harming their own political interests and therefore enabling multi-parties government and hopefully reduce the overall corruption in the government.

This is about the most neutral position I can think of that actually benefits everyone except the corporations.

There’s other issues like we need to get rid of Senate and just keep it to congress being the sole legislative body of the government and have a limit on how many people can a congressman/congresswoman represents in term of population, I’d cap it at 30,000 people per representative which would means rather than 435 voting members, we would have 11,000 voting members instead. There is a major benefit to that, it’s MUCH more difficult for bribing the government to scale up for corporations since they would have to bribe so many representatives and political parties. Sure there are number of other challenges involved with such a huge number of representatives, but those are good problems to have.

@centi @polarisfm @coyote @Gamercat I'm not convinced that the solution to politics is more politicians.
@clacke @Gamercat @coyote @polarisfm But at least it's something that can be tried when we've already have tried with fewer politicians. The goal is to make it more difficult to bribe the politicians that would affect the political structure of the country.
@Gamercat @polarisfm Idk I think polarismfm was right on the money, I see lots of cooperation between business and government, for example, no one doing anything about Google's monopoly, even when they do it's a fine that's nothing but chump change to them. There's free slave labor in the prison system that both benefit from, the military-industrial complex has been around since the first world war, they've been in bed a long time. Or the slave labor and organ harvesting in China that benefits the medical industry there as much as it benefits China. The list could go on for quite a while..
@coyote @polarisfm but for example, under Trump there was an investigation against Google, Twitter and other companies, let's see what happens
@Gamercat @polarisfm I hope Cruz and the Republicans who sat on their ass or even blocked Trump from doing things (like pulling troops out of the middle east and lying to him about how many troops were there), I hope they actually do fucking anything. They have been so lazy riding Trump's success and it's infuriating. I can't imagine if Bernie won and the Dems treated him like this how they'd feel, the dems might even feel betrayed... kinda like in 2016 when Hillary was shoehorned in place of (much more likeable) Bernie. Or how about when notorious pedophile-crony and child-sniffer extraordinaire Joe Biden was shoehorned in place of (much more likeable) anyone else, at all, literally Yang would have been a better candidate. I really don't see redemption for the US.
@coyote @polarisfm It sounds like it would have been better under anarchism

@polarisfm remember that time North Korea didn't ask Snoy to accept their EULA.... that was lulz :)

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