I forgot I owned the domain pepsi.gg. I checked Neocities, it now has over 380,000 page views. If you had the pain of looking at it, thanks! It still doesn't scale correctly and the autoplaying audio is blocked by most browsers at t his point, but... I still haven't be harassed by PepsiCo about it, so that's worth celebrating.


If anyone has an idea for something actually interesting to do with pepsi.gg let me know and I'll happily host it (or point the domain at your server).

@polarisfm sounds like the perfect domain for some anti-capitalist propaganda imo

@ihatehoney That's what it's meant to be already but I gave up right after I started.

@polarisfm video game that’s clearly meant to be about Pepsi but without anything they could go after you for.

It would seem to be a normal game at first, just good content and a good story, but as you play it, it becomes clear that the message is some anticapitalism message or something (kinda like bandersnatch or something)

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