300+ GB of documents and source code from AXIAL were leaked about an hour ago by exconfidential. AIXIL is a mergers and aquisitions company and the leak includes a ton of sensitive financial information. It seems the data is recent so it may include as of yet unannounced things too. This is a big blow to the "finance industry". :anarchy:

The release notes are attached as a screenshot (with the same notes pasted in the image description for accessibility).

2021 is has been great for leaks. It hasn't even been a full week and we've had:

- Nissan North America Full Source Dump
- Microsoft Internal Tools Leak
- MVTEC's Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning source code (300+ GB)
- 200,000 emails and other files from ExecuPharm
- 375,000 files from $1 billion/year machinery manufacturer Netzsch.
- Emails, documents and databases from Planatol.
- 130,000 emails and files from India Bulls
- Nicaraguan forestry service emails

The Xbox One security system source code and private keys have been leaked. Jesus Christ.

Relevant files from the larger leak are contained in "xsec.rar"

md5: d2d0cd606534fad8fe42f922e959ec89
sha1: 3f061690f4a107def01cb0749233d51d49b753a4
sha256: b9065d7bb4707f5e768c1fc7925f497317622d816b171d9dcc108976289f343a

I was looking through this car's license attribution page and it makes specific reference to Chromium.

The car uses Chromium. The car uses Chromium. The car uses Chro

I logged into an old email and found I was still getting emails from Twitter trying to entice me to come back after multiple years of inactivity.

This is the first one I saw.

Stripe cut off a project I was working on before it launched.

They won't tell me why.

Fuck payment processors.

A vector version of the "Anti-Proprietary Action" sticker is now available in case you'd like to print it, use it in a project, or make some other change.

The font was changed to Liberation Mono to avoid the ambiguous Ubuntu Font License.

I've attached a PNG render of the vector for reference, but Inkspace SVG and regular SVGs are available in the git repo.

The license is CC BY-SA 4.0.


cybperpunk dystopian fiction (audio) 

from the album 'introducing neals' by ytcracker

name your price on bandcamp: ytcracker.bandcamp.com/album/i

lyrics in audio decryption

Anti-Proprietary Action

(This is heavily inspired by one of deletescape's handles)

Very Lewd Hardware Design (incl. NSFW Image) 

I hate the fact a company produced a vendor neutral game console that anyone could develop for, had very high quality tooling and materials used to make it, and it was literally designed to be a titty.

If I went over to a friend's house and saw this on their self I think I would cease communication with them entirely.

lewdish shitpost 

sorry i was gone everyone i was working really hard on this ad for my brand new internet website

plead the 5th - ytcracker

Originally written about the arrest of Jeremy Hammond, it's only gotten more relevant with time.

"silence still the golden rule bitch - dont be foolish"

Lyrics: bin.snopyta.org/?60d56d992c52a

Every time I see Sonic the Hedgehog written in Russian I can't help but loudly say "COHNK"

The video I posted the other day now has closed captions in English on Peertube. I'm sorry I didn't think of adding these earlier. All videos I post on Peertube will have closed captions going forward.

"Wow, this rsync took a long time, wonder if my internet is having issues"


Today in "everything-as-a-service," I've found out Furaffinity has a subscription service very cleverly called "Furaffinity+"

This may very well be the worst I've seen.

Incredible benefits include:
- Give us money
- Customize you amount people can tip you + rename what tips are called ("shinies" is the default)
- Block some ads, just not ours
- You get an icon showing you gave us money on your profile
- We'll think of more stuff later

Oh my god. This is the Bitcoin address that the person who broke into Elon Musk's Twitter posted. They made over $40,000 dollars.

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