Every time I see Sonic the Hedgehog written in Russian I can't help but loudly say "COHNK"

The video I posted the other day now has closed captions in English on Peertube. I'm sorry I didn't think of adding these earlier. All videos I post on Peertube will have closed captions going forward.

"Wow, this rsync took a long time, wonder if my internet is having issues"


Today in "everything-as-a-service," I've found out Furaffinity has a subscription service very cleverly called "Furaffinity+"

This may very well be the worst I've seen.

Incredible benefits include:
- Give us money
- Customize you amount people can tip you + rename what tips are called ("shinies" is the default)
- Block some ads, just not ours
- You get an icon showing you gave us money on your profile
- We'll think of more stuff later

Oh my god. This is the Bitcoin address that the person who broke into Elon Musk's Twitter posted. They made over $40,000 dollars.

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In today's episode of Reasons Not To use Twitter dot com, it seems there's some kind of security vulnerability in the Twitter API or third-party program that used the Twitter API has been compromised.

It goes without saying that these aren't real, Elon Musk is not going to give you back double the Bitcoin you send him.

Coffee as a Service...
Could someone file a git issue? The maintainer of libcapitalism is really falling down on their job.

OwO? Librepunk anniversary tomorrow... I'm excited! Look forward to open these in the morning. :) Thanks @wgahnagl!

Alcohol Consumption, Eye Contact 

Forgot it was Saint Patty's day, have to make up for that in the last hour. Happy hacking.

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