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its really telling sometimes when you talk about how some company has fucked you over and someone replies, "But that's illegal!"

The Open Technology Fund (OTF) supported the creation of the global internet freedom community, but it is now under threat.

We need to support the OTF to save internet freedom.

Read our statement:

#internetfreedom #SaveInternetFreedom #SaveOTF

It's very weird to me that Tay Zonday wrote a song that was about systemic oppression of PoC and for years all people took from is was "haha, he moves away from the mic the breathe"

Replace all advertising with street art, murals and community noticeboards 2020. You can advertise your business only on the physical property you operate from, or specific exceptions for wayfinding signage. Everything else goes. Put up maps of local areas so it’s possible to find ones way around without online maps or any device.

I love that installing rootkits has become okay as long as it's bundled with a fun game.

Hi everyone. Here is a communal "ARL" (auth key) to use with Deemix, the Deezer ripper and successor to Deezloader (now with 100% less Electron!)

Never again register for Deezer using their spyware filled website.

ARL: 5f84fd089bbad247b5853b4817044b0c53051e84181f9d4ec39c6c7dc9ff5395aabc54581b0daefb6b26dc2322bebd81b92c45c097edb47f0085779d5a2af9400056b7ec007c405fe206a7f04be6422b2895bdc3ab84c635a8dad2718870b0cd

In Atlanta, armed Black Panthers showed up and formed a line to lead and protect the Black Lives Matter protests.⁠

This being said, please do not install Google Widevine in your Firefox install. Very bad praxis.

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Debian repository is linked in a pinned post in my profile, by the way.

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With regards to FSDG: PureOS is an FSF endorsed operating system that contains Firefox-ESR (with no rebranding or modification). This leads me to believe Firefox is acceptable according to FSDG.

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Firefox Stable (currently Firefox 77) is now available in my Debian repository (which currently supports Debian 10/PureOS Amber).

In fifty years the Black Lives Matter protesters will be remembered as heros, not rioters. The people who finally pushed for change.

Telegram Desktop in Debian 10's official repositories is very out of date for those who are unaware.

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Hi there. I've setup a Debian repository for PureOS Amber and Debian 10 (Buster). It currently provides the latest versions of:

- Telegram Desktop [repacked from official binaries]
- CPU-X [official Debian 10 .deb from GitHub release]
- Electrum [from Debian Sid]
- Monero (monero-cli) [repacked from the official binaries]

Instructions for adding the repository are in Feel free to request a package with an issue.

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