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If anyone is wondering if I softblocked you: I didn't.

The instance I use was restored from a backup. Unfortunately that backup was before I gained a few new followers.

So if you're for some reason no longer following me, it isn't personal or malicious.

I've element-desktop updated to 1.7.6 in my Debian repository.
I have also updated my warrant canary (all clear, don't worry):

I added the latest stable version of dnscypt-proxy to my Debian 10/PureOS repository. It is sourced directly from Debian 11 (Buster). Everything seems to be working well, but if there are issues with the packaging, contact the Debian Project.

It's important to note that DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS only encrypt the data from your end to the resolver's end.

You should avoid the default configuration as it comes with Cloudflare, Google, etc's servers.

I'm not fluent in any other spoken language, but if someone wants to add closed captions for any of my videos in another language, please let me know.

Hopefully Peertube will add a feature similar to YouTube's "community captions" which are now being discontinued...

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The video I posted the other day now has closed captions in English on Peertube. I'm sorry I didn't think of adding these earlier. All videos I post on Peertube will have closed captions going forward.

Here's a photo displaying all the government-funded inventions that Apple compiled into its devices, which subsequently everyone clapped at saying "look what the free market did!":

If someone ever makes fun of you for using an old Thinkpad, remind them that hardware-based random number generation can't be backdoored if it doesn't exist.

welcome to Awoo Web Services here's your regulation pinebook pro, server maid costume, and 140cm knockoff shork plush :3

element-desktop, telegram-desktop, and monero have been updated to the latest stable releases in my Debian repository. Sorry about the delay.

OpenOffice -> LibreOffice fork and transition seems particularly instructive here:

A huge, user-facing organization? ✅
Managing a bunch of connected, complex software projects? ✅
With a huge amount of documentation (wiki, etc) for both developers and users? ✅
Deeply engaged in open standards debates that affect everyone? ✅

It's not about the individual software projects. It's about all of the above. LibreOffice came out stronger after the fork. So could a fork of Mozilla.


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@polarisfm [vendor hardcoding a backdoor admin password] see hackers will never find this one, it's perfectly secure don't worry

@polarisfm the funny thing abt IoT 0days is they're always for literal trivial security mistakes, like no small or medium size vendor legitimately gives a shit

The funny thing about IoT 0days is that they're more often than not the only way to get some level of privacy and control over the device you paid for.

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Hoarding 0days is wildly irresposible. Don't do it. Report them to the project maintainers.

Unless it's some Silicon Valley IoT startup, just dump those online. They won't patch them anyway.

new meme idea:

start with any image. anything at all

add the caption "this is the problem with today's youth"

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