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Apparently the Oculus Quest 2 requires you to sign in with a Facebook account.

Apparently it also uses a somewhat standard SoC (Snapdragon XR2, a modified Snapdragon 865) and runs Android.

Hopefully this motivates some people to get GNU/Linux running on it, even if it probably won't be blobless for a few years.

Tech companies really don't innovate like they used to. We haven't had Blast Processing in years, just this "CUDA" stuff

All source code of abandoned software should be open sourced. Manufacturers should be forced to do so on the end of service date.

I need a nap. Let me go torrent one real quick :blobcatpirate1fluid:

It's so frustrating that kids have their data forcibly pried from their hands by people who have no idea what's going on. Their objections aren't listened to as valid. Opposition is treated as a behavioral issue ("defiance", "talking back") instead of something healthy (it is perfectly normal to question an authority figure).

Then their data is sold or leaked and most won't know it. The ones who cared and worried were never listened to, they were punished. And so the cycle continues.

I would say "You can't put someone who has no ethics and no idea what they're doing in charge of protecting the data of anyone" but then I remembered the tech industry exists.

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This person doesn't seem to have even had formal training in technology. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, but based on the fact she accidentally(?) leaked the data of every student in the district tells me she could have used it.

Instead she has a Business degree and a few useless Microsoft and Google certifications (the "I can use Google's G Suite Admin Tools" kind). You can't put someone who has no ethics and no idea what they're doing in charge of protecting the data of children.

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I think the fact this person has won several awards on a state level and is a member of several large "edtech" organizations is a symptom of a larger problem.

I think to parents and administrators, progress is getting an iThing for every kid and monitoring them with AI for their "safety".

As a result, you get people put in charge who will do that and who really have no idea what they're doing with the data of thousands of school kids. More Spending on More Stuff means More Progress

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"[sysadmin] won [state school IT organization's] award for Emerging Leadership Award" the full legal names of every student in the school system are public who gave her this

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To clarify: I practice response disclosure when there is a serious risk of user data in general being exposed. This is particularly sensitive because it involves the data of children, many of whom aren't even 13.

But if I get root access to your shitty IoT doorbell? That's going straight on Codeberg.

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Schools really just can't handle student data at all, can they.

Note that I didn't use a question mark: it isn't a question.

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I usually don't give three shits about "responsible disclosure" but this is dealing with data of minors so I feel the ethical obligation to report this and make sure it's fixed before I publish anything.

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For once I managed to stumble into a legal nightmare and I'm not the one who's most at risk of being charged. Nice change of pace I guess.

Writeup soon? :meowparty:

Normalize talking about how much you're paid with your co-workers.

It is the only way people will truly realize the income disparity between themselves and their just-as-qualified queer and/or BIPoC friends and colleagues.

This should be normal in ever industry. The fact it isn't is actively aiding executives in systemically discriminating against minority groups.

Your codebase should be healthy enough to not rely on one specific version of Python that's been EOL for two years.

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Instead of relying on Docker for "portability" have you ever considered just making your software actually portable?


If you want get some private information about anyone who has a Google account, you may check this little tool :

I think Google users should know this.

#google #privacy


Learning how to make adverts is essentially learning how to brainwash people

So much so that I'm pretty sure I could apply the advertising theories I've learnt into political propaganda, and that's scary


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