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There is a RAT going around disguised as a sex tape of Trump. It's a variant of QRAT. It's not very sophisticated in it's delivery or anything, the file is apparently called "TRUMP_SEX_SCANDAL_VIDEO.jar" and it's delivered by email.

Can't tell if I'm laughing or crying.

Some people are take larping too seriously

uspol / coup attempt / violence 

unconfirmed reports that someone has been shot in the capitol

"I agree", an interesting project from 2018 by Dima Yarovinsky were he printed “terms of service” of the leading online services that we use on a daily basis on A4 to show how small and helpless we are against those.

uspol, police 

my favorite part about the proud boys finally getting the cops' ire is learning how dogshit they actually are at protesting. they all just instantly get kettled, or run away the second they get a little pepper spray in their eyes. meanwhile lefties just fuckin goggle up, put gardening gloves on, and throw the tear gas cans back.

Just to be clear: Not everything you write will be perfect, but making it the best it can be is something you should always try to do. Everyone has written awful code. It's part of being a programmer. Just try to make it better and learn from your mistakes.

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I once heard a very good saying about code effeciency in programming: "Work harder, write less code"

I really love that mentality.

Also: I can't remember who said that or if there's a known source. If anyone has any idea ping me.

Results from The International Obfuscated C Code Contest are out, and the winner has a devious program using the Turing-completeness of printf! Yikes.

Shoutout to exconfidential and DDoSecrets. You all are doing god's work. :trans_heart:

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2021 is has been great for leaks. It hasn't even been a full week and we've had:

- Nissan North America Full Source Dump
- Microsoft Internal Tools Leak
- MVTEC's Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning source code (300+ GB)
- 200,000 emails and other files from ExecuPharm
- 375,000 files from $1 billion/year machinery manufacturer Netzsch.
- Emails, documents and databases from Planatol.
- 130,000 emails and files from India Bulls
- Nicaraguan forestry service emails

Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

Also remember that Nintendo had a member of Team Xecuter deported from their home country and another extradicted to face felony charges in the US.

I've been openly critical of Team Xecuter in the past, but they had developed the only working modchip to run your own software on new Switch variants. The charges against them are absurd: they have taken from their home countries and arrested for selling devices and software that allow users more ccontrol over their own hardware.

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The Nintendo Switch is almost all off-the-shelf parts.

The SoC is not custom designed at all, both variants are stock Nvidia Tegra X1(+) chips. The same SoCs can be find in the Nvidia Shield TV 2017 and Nvidia Shield TV 2019 respetively.

When Nintendo says that they have created some kind of special hardware platform and somehow deserve the right to lock you out of your expensive console, remember that.

Answering my phone with "502 bad gateway" and then hanging up

Anyone know of an ARM64 laptop that runs Linux well, is more powerful than the Pinebook Pro, and has good build quality and battery life? I'm taking a shot at convincing one of my Apple user family members to buy something other than an M1 MacBook, and unfortunately despite the ethical issues and lock-in it is a pretty good machine, so the bar is relatively high.

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