Lmao the eggplant emoji is so far up in my recent emojis list

wearing a balaclava and typing with gloves so lucy doesn't notice i haven't gone to bed yet

laughing and lolling as I remember how me and the other homeschooled children would say "school kids" as like a derogatory slur

i think humanity has progressed enough that we can have a big tiddy anime lady and her boobs dont fly in opposite directions when she stands up

checking someone's bio for their pronouns is decent people culture

I am uncomfortable with the energy we've created in the dorm room today

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D*d mention 

"I know what I was going to show you! I was trying to show you images of bone daddy!"

we came up with a fucking amazing project idea at work and i think we are actually gonna do it aaaaaa

Global politics. Internet Archive. Terrorism. 

The french government issues 500 takedown notices to the internet archive, claiming that large portions of the archive (which are otherwise perfectly legal) are "terrorist content" including Project Gutenberg, the Prelinger Archive, the Grateful dead collection, and some CSPAN archive.


Are you a french person? Will you complain to your government?

once upon a time, a "good posts" dry spell would cause me to get upset and log off for several days. now when i don't have anything interesting to say, i simply post the most worthless boring garbage imaginable and congratulate myself about it incessantly

My roommate (playing Zelda, minding her own buisness, doing nothing to deserve this): "why are there so many skeletons?"
Me (cursed, gremlin, did not need to say this) : "where do you think our bones go after we die?"

In retrorespect I now realize this is why keybase has you explicitly tie together the two accounts you're linking.

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Protip: Don't do crypto at 1am.

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It is 1am.
I have spent the last...3 hours making new XMPP and Mastodon accounts.
This was really not a productive use of my time.

Hi! I'm @skyedelaciel@librepunk.club on mastodon, and skyedelaciel on keybase! 

BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5weRa0zkMftBd7 HBJgQ6r0p19BIjO YzRvqCigywhHaJl GLOiLZf4dIlt0FH SEoOj43RyfwvEJW ePbP7NQvwPKXnfG E5xeDkuVBrkch58 ptZdeSf5eHZjDsK gFtUSnW94QXQc2U 7ViM6zFhmi4cxMh czB304yVcMArESf 443io3httpqp9fQ NR2vPSkXxwzRh0I tnhYmPhsZ23j7i8 FXMitPUCf2VQp9n cnPPTLWkyuh9RBY 98C1FCq54Q9XL4g wKDtDtaFEABw4M0 HFMpg9. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE.

Petition to rename undertale to Deltarune 2: Electric Boogaloo

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