CROWDFUND IDEA: hire the elderly woman that repainted that fresco of Jesus to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral.

Lmao the eggplant emoji is so far up in my recent emojis list

wearing a balaclava and typing with gloves so lucy doesn't notice i haven't gone to bed yet

Meta , notre dame 

referring to my beloved as an absolute unit in my wedding vows

laughing and lolling as I remember how me and the other homeschooled children would say "school kids" as like a derogatory slur

i think humanity has progressed enough that we can have a big tiddy anime lady and her boobs dont fly in opposite directions when she stands up

checking someone's bio for their pronouns is decent people culture

Spring makes me absolutely horny and I fucking hate that.

Remember when that guy from Porygon what's his name made a documentary about why Domino's collaboration with Miku ended and it turns out that Scott, Presidents of Domino's Pizza retired?

Mastodon will die soon, since it's filled primarily with lesbians and there are no straight people to produce new users.

I am uncomfortable with the energy we've created in the dorm room today

D*d mention 

The discourse that will shatter the fediverse 

we came up with a fucking amazing project idea at work and i think we are actually gonna do it aaaaaa

Global politics. Internet Archive. Terrorism. 

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