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Oh god I need to make an apparently
26 yo, bi ace transmasc NB, from Ohio but living in Berlin. I've got , and proud.

My hobbies:
- I fucking love to and it's also how I met my spouse.
- I've started learning and am hoping to get into
- I enjoy , especially when it's an . My favorites are narrative-driven games like or simulation games like and . I'm also interested in , but I haven't dipped my toes yet.

Studied in undergrad and switched to for grad school. I used to want to continue in academia but realized I'd rather make more money and have better work-life balance not doing that. Now I work in coding in for a tech startup and am generally pretty happy with that setup. My heart still calls out for and though.

I'm about to be like half an hour late tp my dentist appointment, I think I might have just disqualified myself from German citizenship

.....I was gonna take a picture of the chicken we cooked for Christmas dinner but it disappeared too fast.

oh well happy holidays everyone ❤️

Does it feel extremely misguided to anyone else that Netflix will spend $40M on a 140 minute sequel to a beloved masterpiece and then suddenly auto-play some other movie after 25 seconds of credits??
Y’all made a great thing. Let people appreciate it for a couple moments, ok?
Anyway, Glass Onion was very good!

People like “that’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back” as if we would have been diligently editing Wikipedia or fixing your bathroom sink with that hour. No, we would have been watching Instagram Reels of people falling down and we know it.

Honestly a lot of the people on here need to learn basic reply etiquette. Mastodon is becoming known as the home of the smug mansplaining tone-policing reply.

A lot of white people feel way too comfortable here and post our unexamined unfiltered reactions without considering how annoying and exclusionary we’re being.

If you’re typing something “helpful” and the person you’re replying to didn’t ask for help or doesn’t follow you, the most helpful thing you can do is hit Cancel and move on.

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fml we went to ikea to pick up some lighting fixtures for the new place and their system is mysteriously down so I can't have the bigger items delivered. And it's too much to take home on the bus so kim has to walk like 20 minutes to find a carshare car we can take it home in ughhhh

Sorry I didn't respond to your text, I was trying to figure out how a normal person would respond and then just gave up.

ME: [takes cat to vet]

VET: What seems to be the problem?

ME: He's a bastard

Musk is learning the hard way you can't buy respect.

<3 Sam Bankman-Fwied, foundew of da cowwapsed cwyptocuwwency exchange FTX, is awwested on US chawges in da Bahamas. (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

Publicly posting the names and identities of front-line employees involved in content moderation puts them in harm’s way and is a fundamentally unacceptable thing to do.

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