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Oh god I need to make an apparently
26 yo, bi ace transmasc NB, from Ohio but living in Berlin. I've got , and proud.

My hobbies:
- I fucking love to and it's also how I met my spouse.
- I've started learning and am hoping to get into
- I enjoy , especially when it's an . My favorites are narrative-driven games like or simulation games like and . I'm also interested in , but I haven't dipped my toes yet.

Studied in undergrad and switched to for grad school. I used to want to continue in academia but realized I'd rather make more money and have better work-life balance not doing that. Now I work in coding in for a tech startup and am generally pretty happy with that setup. My heart still calls out for and though.

languages change all the time, pretending grammar is rigid and cannot be changed is shitty. Instead we should actively focus on fucking up english as much as possible because nobody can stop us

in Norway, "up and not crying" is a not uncommon response to "how's it going" type questions, and I feel like that's a very reasonable standard to hold oneself to especially nowadays

The cat disagrees with our heating regimen. Note his only spot NOT covered in fur is hidden #catsOfMastodon

Is it OK to spend 12 months to get a visa to attend a 3-day conference?

My piece in Science (@sciencemagazine) sheds light on this issue many scholars from institutionally discriminated countries experience on a regular basis

Spoiler: 12 months, 900$, get rejected

[This is a repost as original post mystically was deleted...]

#Science #Academia #Psychology #Mastodon #Fediverse #Research #Twitter #ScienceMastodon #Research #University #PhDLife #Sociology #PhD #Politics

Fun Fact: Adoption certificates and passports for plushies are a scam. Plushies are always free to travel everywhere.

rust enjoyers when the sacrificial anode prevents the formation of metal oxides in the rest of the structure

Now that the weather's getting colder, Rat figured out that human = warmth, and therefore spends most of the day either curled up on my lap or meowing for me to pick her up and put her there.

Lots of folks warning that overreliance on AIs can lead to bias.

But that can sound a bit abstract, so let's just leave these examples here.

#CHATGPT #AI #bias

Other instances apparently doing it are and

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yo admins, block
They're spinning up hundreds of instances to jam up sidekiq queues with pull requests. It's hit a good few now, better to get ahead of it

> ‘NO’: Grad Students Analyze, Hack, and Remove Under-Desk Surveillance Devices Designed to Track Them

> Early in October, Senior Vice Provost David Luzzi installed motion sensors under all the desks

> These sensors were installed at night—without student knowledge or consent

I learned everything I know about nutrition from Harrier Du Bois

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Things that are for the public good should be nationalized. Yes that includes things like electricity, water, heating, public transit, healthcare, and internet access.

And instead of my taxes going to corporations it would go towards that.

Also tax the fucking rich

I feel like Right to Repair needs to include "right to update the thing to use third party servers" or something like that. We're creating e-waste just by preventing FW updates to point my litter box at anything but a hard coded URL signed by some keys that'll expire in a few years.

Your friends aren't lying to you when they say positive things about you

THEM: If it was important, you'd remember

ME: [has ADHD] I frequently forget that close friends of mine exist

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