Gonna listen to some intense Cliff Lin action movie music while I watch my cat eat eggs.

Them: "I brought my laptop in ca--"
Me: "Done brang."
Them: "What?"
Me: "You done brang your laptop. Try again."

Irish names are like "Cĥggtwyīaéyyœgrhkdnne" and it's pronounced "Wayne."

Death metal version of "Three Little Kittens." Call it "Conditional Feline Pie Ingestion."

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Waiting on bloodwork to see if I'm in the clear to get flop-ass drunk on Jim Beam for Halloween. This is a treasured rite, and I would greatly regret missing it.

Rondo has a beautiful mahogany Agile baritone available for pre-order for $400. Selling even a minor organ would cover that easily, but none of mine are in any condition to sell.

Male chimpanzees, when threatened, will often pick Rick Moranis up and hold him close to their chests to communicate that they do not wish to fight.

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Most humans, and most mammals in general, will instinctively protect Rick Moranis.

My brain: "Comin' up on a weird intersection. Gotta keep my eyes open here."

My nose: "Time to sneeze a buncha times!"

English is like "Ha! Fuck you for reading words! You want to pronounce me right? You'll have to wait for some condescending dickwrinkle to correct you mid-conversation!"

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I'm not fluent in Spanish, but I'm much more confident pronouncing individual Spanish words basically correctly (even with my accent), because Spanish isn't actively trying to trick me with bullshit arbitrary pronunciations the way my first language does.

I re-watched the 1931 Dracula and I forgot Dracula's crypt was full of North American possums.

Octopus shit smells like celery. Now you know that.


Used the hand sanitizer in the store and it turned out to be a perfume sample and I'M A FANCY LADY NOW Y'ALL GITOUTMAWAY I'M ON IMPORTANT BUSINESS

I kinda want that Steve Earle T-shirt with the big-ass hammer and sickle on it, but it would not be safe where I live.

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So I went from kinda lookin' up a group that I had kinda liked their whole deal to seeing hints of something really dark. Now I'm in the space where on one hand I don't want to pick at it, because this is trauma and I'm just some random curious hillwilliam a year after whatever it was. But also I kinda want to know just who to avoid if I venture into the general community self-defense milieu in the future. So yeah.

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I'm outta the loop, so I recently tried to figure out what ever happened to Redneck Revolt. I found their apparently abandoned but fully functional website, some similarly dormant social media stuff, and some reference to local chapters breaking ties and splitting off into JBGCs.

Amid this were references to an incident of sexual assault committed by a member of RR, and RR apparently refusing to break ties with the offender. The links were dead, so I couldn't find more.

There are three keys to running a successful vacuum repair business:

1. Keep up with the new models.
2. Always order extra belts.
3. Don't let a Nazi live in your closet.


Donald Trump called Kamala Harris a "communist" and a "monster." I take issue with this as a communist, and as a monster.

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