The first letter of the alphabet is actually a zero-width space that's right before the "A" for some reason.

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Whatever the problem is, it's at least partially South Park's fault.

The sound of the plasma gun from the original Doom is imprinted deep in my brain, right alongside the smell of Play-Doh and my mother's voice.

I just watched Wishmaster again for the first time in several years. I forgot what a great practical effects movie it is. When a dude's skeleton climbs out of his body and starts attacking people in the very first scene, you know you're watching a quality film.

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I used to have some huge cutoff jorts with metal band logos Sharpie'd all over 'em that I'd wear with my giant chain wallet and then my wife finally threw 'em away and I'll fuckin' do it again.

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Every problem is at least partially South Park's fault.

Forests in the PNW are like a backdrop in a fuckin' Cabela's catalog. They are majestic, yes. This is my home now and I love it. I've seen amazing things here, but I've never walked 10 yards from a road here and found something that really truly made me question the nature of humanity. You push past the kudzu a few times in Florida and you're gonna find some quality weird.

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When a lot of people think of Florida, they think of "tourist Florida": beaches, Disney, planned retirement communities and shit. I grew up in the longleaf pines and cypress swamps, where you find Florida's real natural wonders: sinkholes, coral snakes, beer-can trees, dirty pants, burned-out mattresses covered in rain-soaked porno mags, an oven full of diapers. Nothing compares.

As a fairly non-technical computer user, one of my small joys is looking up some system process I accidentally discovered (usually by having to fix or modify it for the first time). About a third of the time, it turns out to be some funky Unix thing that's been around since the '70s, hidden away but relatively unchanged, like a useful version of a whale's pelvis.

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