the river Rhein was renamed to Schmutzig in 1950 in reaction to its increasing pollution levels and it got its original name back only two decades ago

Imagining a Money Heist-style break-in, but instead of the Spanish mint itʼs Google, and instead of printing money weʼre copying the Google Books full text databases onto a station wagon full of hard drives.

«[... So-called] autonomous vehicles, are nowhere near to being the solutions their promoters claim them to be. Yet AVs do work exceedingly well in one essential respect. Such vehicles credibly pretend to be categorically different from their predecessors. [...] A future of sustainable mobility, however, will require seeing AVs for what they are: more of the same. They offer nothing really new. Instead of car dependency, they offer only high-tech car dependency.»

«When we rescue innovation from the technofuturists and recover the tools they have dismissed, we will find that we can do today, at far less cost, what they have promised to deliver for unlimited dollars at an ever-receding future date.»


Gaza's only power plant just shut down as Israeli airstrikes continue

“The state of electricity in Gaza is already terrible without the continuous bombardment, and with it darkness becomes another kind of war.” - Khaled Hassan to Mondoweiss


#palestine #israel #gazaunderattack #gaza

Gamedev friends, is there anyone who could help me use the GOG Galaxy API?

I’ve been sitting on an offer to put SLH on GOG for months but I need to integrate achievements with the API and I’ve just… kinda admitted defeat. I’m not a programmer and I don’t know what I’m doing >~<

Behind the toot 

Original inspiration of this post is how as a society we get significantly more scared of sharks after a shark attack but we do not get significantly more scared of cars more every time there is a hit and run. Despite the fact that being killed by a car is just significantly more likely to occur.

The actual point of it being self-driving is moot since the frustration is at cars in general but I would accept setting self-driving cars further back as acceptable.

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going up to random animals like "so true beastie!"

I just want to shout out Propaganda By The Seed podcast for having a 93 minute episode about eating acorns and other whole episodes about specific plants and trees.
I should listen to their episodes on stinging nettle and elderberries soon.
They're so fun, and their episodes start with a kind of slow menacing guitar background music that's just a little too loud, but they just talk about plants and stuff.

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