thinking about how the hunger games is actually a radical, revolutionary text


katniss everdeen is a character who is supposed to have no agency in society, and her only way of reclaiming agency is through crime and acts of direct defiance against the state. when this inspires revolt in others, her image is coopted by a military dictator who wants to use her as a propaganda tool and effectively rob her of her agency once more. her character arc is resolved when she assassinates the head of state in a final act of terrorism.

@streetlite any bets on how many people actually read it that way?

@tenornix i once half-jokingly mentioned to my manager that the main theme of the story is that terrorism is good, actually, and he assured me that, even though he hadn't read the books, that wasn't the message and suggested I'm just bad at literary analysis, so I guess that puts the count at negative one so far

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