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Best Cruise Line Ports of Call

The finer things in life await you.

Promises of luxury and discovery
are served in centerfolds in bright, glossy
paperback cruise catalogs on my dad's coffee table.

Laying a cheek in my palm, I frown
at a travelogue opened. A man worth more than me
smiles back. We cast our glances, side-
long squinting,
evaluating the other.

I'm shorts and polo. Friday's just down the hall.

He's shorts and hibiscus flower shirt. You too could lounge
in two weeks of Saturday evenings.
He's posed on an island with history. You too could lounge

in a colony awash in poverty,
stolen land and people all your own.
Little slice of paradise,
you tell the world who's most deserving of this bounty:
"If you're like me, you love adventure..."

Sacred mountains, rich culture and land,
how much richer they would be
free of men such as these.


i wanna read that book about ruby and the guys descent into object oriented madness with the silly drawings but i dont remember the name

"Because 'How did this come to be?' is another way of asking, 'Why did this happen?', which is another way of asking, 'What do I do now? But what on earth do I do now?'"

  • Esmé Weijun Wang, The Collected Schizophrenias

update: using one of the standard library replacements does make it better in my opinion which is another major W

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i want to program but im bad at having ideas and being motivated

my reading list has just been building up for so long but i wanna read sicp, htdp, plai (thanks hazel), beautiful racket, etc plus i was planning to finish crafting interpreters but i don't know C

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i really need to start working through programming books more because i enjoy it and i learn a lot i just can never keep the motivation going for long enough

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Rant about something that's probably silly 

Pretty frustrated with Poetry Foundation at the moment; in their Learn section, there's a guide on how to read poetry. I looked into this because I can't understand like half of Ed Roberson's poems, and I want to like it. I really do. But the guide on how to read this stuff?

Well, it's useless bullshit and it pisses me off.

Okay, maybe not useless, but it's not what I was hoping for or expecting - it's a several part series aimed more at how to appreciate poetry. That's not useful to me, and I don't think the way it's presented is useful to someone who's never read poetry, either.

What it does not offer, but would improve it considerably, is clear and concrete steps for how to read a poem. What to consider. What to look for, what a metaphor is, what symbolism and allusions are. In its current state, it's too focused on the feeling of being appreciative of poetry, and it should be struck with lightning. It's inaccessible, doesn't provide any actionable advice, and doesn't really keep my attention either.

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pride, stupid slogans 

to me it always feels like some weird monogamous heteronormative default that's never questioned, not even by most queer people. why is the best thing people can come up with in opposition to monogamy "polyamory", where even the word contains love...

i never understood this weird system where you divide between "friend relationships" and "love relationships", and somehow i'm assumed broken for this, even though i can have deep relationships with people just the same

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also why isnt the string type also just a list of characters like haskell

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i want to like ocaml more than i do because i want a language like a less scary haskell but it just doesnt Feel As Good as haskell

i swear i was gonna post something really funny but i forgot

dont create the torment nexus 

they created the torment nexus


i thought i had my career field vaguely planned out and then i developed an insatiable urge to learn about the mathematical optimization of carbon fiber layups

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i really love when people can post mundanely about life

just kind of grateful we can occupy a space where it's not about trying to entertain each other

like, on rare occasions, i'll see complaints about that kind of thing on twitter or whatever, but like, i actually kind of do care if you're learning to make meatloaf and it feels worth saying once in a while that it's good to have a casual atmosphere in which you can just exist

i have started reading Come With Me by Helen Schulman and i think it is just going to be another flavor of "dont create the torment nexus"

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