february bookposting 

in january i've started white teeth by zadie smith and the writing is fantastic but i'm definitely not going to finish it for a bit

i did also read twelfth night by shakespeare in january but that was for a class so i'm not Really counting it. but i do want to read more shakespeare on my own soon

in february or otherwise future i would also like to read

  • notes of a crocodile by qiu maojin
  • frankenstein by mary shelley
  • swing time by zadie smith
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january bookposting 

sputnik sweetheart by haruki murakami:

i am going to preface this with i have No clue what the Fuck this book means so this also deserves a reread soon

i don't feel like it explored the age gap between sumire and miu the way i Expected considering how emphasized it felt in the first part but maybe i just haven't analyzed well enough for that yet

no rating this needs a lot more thought and anywhere from one to several million rereads before a proper opinion is formed

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january bookposting 

tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow by gabrielle zevin:

so this follows a pair of game developers as they come together and make video games over the course of their lives

i really loved how throughout the whole thing their relationship and each character's emotions are kinda shown through the lens of the games they make or they play

this definitely did a great job of showing the intricacies and intimacy and idiosyncrasies of their relationship

also it presents itself in a way that felt clear and meaningful even without analyzing, but without sacrificing anything from the analysis

that being said i don't think i've really absorbed or understood all of it yet so i will be going back for another reread eventually. 4/5

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january bookposting 

i'm gonna talk about the books i've read this month bc yeah

dracula by bram stoker:

i started reading this bc i never finished dracula daily bc i didn't like not being able to read in bursts but i needed to talk to my friend about it

this felt very quintessential and i appreciate how it kinda helped me look at like vampires as a cultural/literary symbol more and their origin

maybe i just struggled to find it but i don't feel like this had a lot of literary underlying meaning, i felt like it was more of a story to follow than anything else. that being said i don't think that makes it worse i think that just means its for a different situation or vibe

resoundingly fun and not nearly as difficult to read as i expected for a classic, 3.5/5

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anybody know anyone who's played around with gamercade.io/ ? it looks cute/appealing. released in september so pretty bleeding edge, but networked play + fantasy console is a pretty neat space

twelfth night literary thoughts 

i'm only in act 3 so far but i feel like twelfth night is about compulsory heterosexuality

viola has a Secret Identity that she can't reveal and it's part of why she loves the person she does, but instead she is forced to pursue olivia in orsino's stead

i think orsino and olivia both not taking no for an answer represent how queer people (viola) can feel forced into compulsory heterosexuality

i feel like this is a very allegorical interpretation but also like i think that's kinda what all the gender fuckery is supposed to mean

i might also just be off my rocker literary analysis isnt normally my thing

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all of my shakespeare interpretations got so much better once i realized i can just interpret everything thru the lens of it being super gay

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It always bears repeating that for mental disabilities, high functioning labels exist to justify denying people accommodation, and low functioning labels exist to justify denying people independence

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Any time I see someone post about gpt et al it is so hard to stop myself from replying. Remember that openai is a techno-fascist accelerationist/longtermist/‘rationalist’ organization and these systems are drive by the belief that human consciousness is the same as computation, and that our duty to the future is to make real “general” ai. They are anti-human (anti-life imo), routinely privatize public research, pilfer publicly available data without ethics, and are actively trying to build a dark future that is bad for all of us. They are funded by musk and thiel.

They are to be avoided and actively countered where possible.

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@paeneultima These thumbnails turned around and said "well actually" to me at a bar when I was talking to my friend

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* making any statement about intelligence. it's not real. it's made up. any terminology indicating negative intelligence is eugenicist and ableist. and any terminology indicating positive intelligence is still - ableist and eugenicist.

* using words which refer to physical disability as anything other than descriptors. like, this one's obvious, right? something being bad is unrelated to the ability to walk, for an example of one I still hear often.

If you want to insult someone, criticize them based on their actual merits (such as pointing out harmful behavior they're engaged in) instead of some arbitrary, ableist statement about intellectual ability. If you want to say something isn't cool, guess what? There are words for that!

And like. I'm not perfect here. I've been on a quest to purge ableism from my vocabulary since I got to Fedi more than three years ago, and I still slip up from time to time. But please try. Good thoughts engender good words engender good deeds.

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I’d be interested in developing a game where you log onto a distantly-known deceased person’s online accounts specifically to tell people they never met in person that that person had died, channeling the “one day they just disappeared, wonder where they are now?” ‘90-00s forum rat experience with the tone and death positivity of A Mortician’s Tale.

A lot of these meta-fiction, “look through this phone” games feel voyeuristic, and I honestly wasn’t super blown away by Mortician’s Tale, but I think the core element it nailed was death as a process, a fact, rather than a monster or an opponent. I’d like to see that same deliberate end-of-life care as applied to modern social spaces, where we don’t really have an explored protocol for it.

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slightly bragging about my toki pona name 

i like that ijo Asima is not only a transliteration of "azimuth", but when written in sitelen pona (alasa seli insa ma ante) is a phrase meaning something like "the search for warmth/(metaphorical) fire in a transformed world"

i'm proud of it

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i just learned abt willans formula this is so cool

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