@phosphor ah that all makes sense, thank you so much!

i think i just need to escape Directly Translating my thoughts and start like having thoughts that i can have In Toki Pona if that makes sense and that takes a bit

code golfing looks fun in an agonizing sort of way maybe i should try that

i feel like array languages or maybe some scripting languages like ruby would be good for that and i already know ruby

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is my "major field of study" computer science or mathematics
why do i have to pick one

mi ken toki e lili pi toki pona (? i think thats right)

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sometimes software problems require hardware solutions.

throw your computer into a lake

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@haskal ive been convinced to play brawl by such inspirational words

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utilizing superscript and subscript formatting for new and exciting emoji combinations

@theotheroracle i've asked too many people too many questions abt declarative package manager oses to not switch at this point i feel

i think this is a sign that i should switch to linux now

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