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my beautiful wife taught me how to solder yesterday (which tbh, having an intelligent woman lean over you and instruct you on the best way to do shit is hot as fuck for a hymbo like me. like, yeah baby, talk to me all about your hot girl shit) and we made a theremin. sent a video to my family and my best friend, my family concurred that they loved my little screaming robot. unfortunately my best friend is on vacation and was tipsy so - uncharacteristically for him, he disliked my fun new toy.


I made some pasta that I messed the ratios on a little bit, double the pasta to the veggies... But there were so many vegetables in it that it was nearly a salad anyway. I cannot fathom what it was supposed to be like.

can't pretend for even a second that I am not deeply and madly in love with my wife. getting to be with her day after day makes everything worth it.

just thinking about butches and how I like to cuddle and kiss them and help them search for their lost snapback and coo over how strong they are helping me get to the bedroom or the couch when my body gives out on me. just thinking about a specific butch.

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just thinking about femmes and how I like to cuddle and kiss them and wake up with their lipstick smudged on my face and arms and chest. just thinking about a specific femme.

one day, my wife will show me a screenshot someone else posted of my ffxiv character and then I think I'll feel like I've really accomplished something

I’m working hard every day, trying to die, but you don’t hear me complaining, “Oh, government, where’s my free death?" No. When I die, I want to have earned it.

gender of the day: want to nap while cuddling my wives, can't because work, must lay face down in the parking lot while it rains

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