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If you DM me an image, I'll send back a caption for it. I don't need to steal people's images if they're trying.

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Comic: My Gamer Friend and a Certain Shark Plushie

A girl is visiting her friend's house. She opens the door onto her friend, cuddling popular Ikea shark plushie, BLÅHAJ.

[dialogue in alt text]

hmm i wonder if i can start a new meme,,

might fuck around and some

Image description:

What appears to be an old page from the Los Angeles Times on pagers. There are images of hands holding pagers with codes displayed.

The Code
Teenagers relay messages through their pagers by dialing numbers that in the digital world look vaguely like letters. Other common messages rely on numerical shorthand.

Can you see it?
Good bye: 6000*843
I miss you: 1*177155*400
Good night: 6000*171647
Hello: 07734 (rotated upside down)
Go home: 60*401773
Hi loser: 41*705312

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