pirating NFTs by simply clicking "save as..." or, if for some reason that fails, by taking a screenshot

explaining the joke 

(because so many people store their passwords in google docs)

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given that google has so much relevant data, it should publish an analysis on people's password practices or something

it's called sneakerspace because you're sneaking away from the guards who patrol the internet

bug bites question 

i've found that when i have mosquito bites, i can scratch near-but-not-on the bite (like an inch away) and trick my body into feeling relief anyway. will doing this still aggravate the mosquito bites and cause them to swell? should i avoid doing this?

fictional cartoon character: *does something that within the context of their fictional world is an impressive feat*
me: :blobcatgoogly: i can't believe they just did that!!!

capitalism breeds innovation!

is the innovation new ways to make things worse?

yeah, it's new ways to make things worse.


socially liberal, fiscally conservative like "i think everyone's pronouns should be stored on a cryptocurrency blockchain"

hey @wgahnagl can we get a :stonks: emoji for librepunk please?

just seems useful

i think it's funny when people use the most recent bitcoin block hash as a proof of something

ah yes, the latest bitcoin block... a classic example of something that is never retconned...

as in, i do cringe when i see uncovered webcams just sitting idly there, or in pictures/videos online

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you don't cover your webcam when not in use? that's pretty cringe, bro

overdone joke that doesn't work anymore 

i hate when people ask where i see myself in -1 years. i don't have 2020 vision 🤣


i hate how potato chips do that thing where they run out

me: *says something rude*
someone: you hold your tongue!
me, holding my tongue between my fingers: you know, thith maketh it weawwy hawd to tawk! tho anyway, ath i wath thaying...

platonic solids are when you make those shapes out of play-doh

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