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(thread) looking for advice about studying cryptography 

oh, i didn't actually mention my career goals. i'm going to become a professor, and i want to specialize in cryptography.

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(thread) looking for advice about studying cryptography :boost_ok: 

for example, i know a lot of crypto involves abstract algebra. would a math phd program with a focus in abstract algebra be the right type of program to apply for?

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(thread) looking for advice about studying cryptography :boost_ok: 

more at math programs than cs programs. is that right?

also generally, what should i look for in a math (or cs) program if what i want to study is cryptography? obviously if cryptography is actually listed as a focus, that's great, but if not, what would tell me if the school/program might be a good or bad option? any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!

specific school/program recs are also appreciated!

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(thread) looking for advice about studying cryptography :boost_ok: 

sorry for my ignorance. i've been trying to look this stuff up, but i get overwhelmed and frustrated by the process.

i'm working on applying to phd programs, and i want to study cryptography. specifically, i'm really interested in the math behind the cryptography, and less interested in implementing it or anything like that.

i'm guessing i should be looking into more theoretical cryptography rather than practical, and looking

first one's on the house.

you don't have to pay for it, but you do have to climb up on top of the roof, which definitely presents a challenge for some people.

type of guy who uses sponsorblock but not an ad blocker

companion post: is white a shade of black?

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is black a shade of white?

genuinely hilarious that eugen went "my server is too big and hard to manage... i know! i'll just make a second one to take the load off the first!"

me, a rat in a cage: surely rage will resolve my current predicament

halloween (the horror franchise) except michael myers is played by mike myers, and he speaks in a shrek voice

oh yeah i'm anab

assigned nothing at birth

i mean, i was a freaking newborn. they don't give homework to babies!

new pronoun: th'all (they all)

it's like "they" but plural!

when you exploit women's computers through double-speculative execution 

you're the women ReSpectre

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