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I'm serious, by the way, when I say that I don't want credit for anything I say. You can share or repost the stuff I post, just please leave my name out of it.

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uspol, military 

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Sometimes people follow me and I'm like what the fuck? Don't be a sheep.

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This is my shitposting alt. My "main", if you will.

fuck discord 

It's so hard for the government to handle the COVID-19 crisis without accidentally revealing that it's totally possible for the state to improve working people's lives in a dramatic way. Really tough to find solutions that keep a lid on that.

in my mind, hacker news has done more to demonize the word 'hacker' than cybercriminals ever did

i got the words "jacuzzi" and "yakuza" confused 

Saw someone on Reddit justifying this the other day by saying there’s a difference between domestic and foreign actors getting your data, and that it’s better if domestic ones do it. Like, ???. Literally what is China going to do with your data?? The US will send cops to plant CP on your laptop and then kill you in a no-knock raid but ok!! As long as the Chinese Menace doesn’t get your data, dude! Free Hong Kong or whatever!

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"Huwaei devices are full of securiry vulnerabilities!"

Say the racist people who ignore how literally every Android device is patched at different rates and as a result, all have security vulnerabilities because literally no manufacturer wants to patch their devices due to profit motives forcing planned obsolescence.

Yes, it's racist to want to exclude a specific manufacturer from your 5g network when your own research shows that there's no significant difference in vulnerabilities compared to other brands.

Yes, it's racist to want to condemn one company for "including Chinese spyware", but not the dozens of others that include the USA's spyware.

Did you know Google and other "American" companies have a deal with the NSA to provide information to the USA's gov't just as Huwaei does with the Chinese gov't?

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You wanna condemn the authoritarian aspects of Chinese government, then you better be doing the same of your own government too, regardless of whether that's the USA, UK, EU, or whatever.

Hold your own accountable so that you'll have the footing to hold strangers accountable later.

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@radicalrobit “the us army’s twitch stream doesn’t know how to handle trolls bringing up war crimes” is a very 2020 sentence

jokey take but kinda serious 

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my transition goal is “wow that bitch is rude as fuck”

rebranding librepunk as the 5-10 man anime villain group that all dress cool and have fanfics written about them just hanging out and having a good time, despite the fact that in the anime they're the bad guys

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