Whenever I talk about breaking DRM, I'm just joking. I'd never do anything like that, and I'd certainly never recommend that anyone download libdvdcss (which I've heard can be installed with apt-get using libdvd-pkg, or with dnf by enabling rpmfusion-free-release-tainted) to crack DVD DRM in a country where that kind of thing is illegal.

@trashcat (In all seriousness, this is why I don't break DRM – it's an unjust law, but I'd still feel bad if I broke it. Go figure.)

@IceWolf I've of course never done anything that might in any way be considered a violation of the DMCA...

But in a purely hypothetical situation where I did something like that, I imagine I would feel good and proud of myself for what I did, and my only reservation would be pragmatically I would hope I didn't get into any legal trouble. I would guess.

@trashcat Same. I only speak hypothetically about a cluster of small computers I would use to rip and compress DVDs so I don't need a streaming service account. Totally wouldn't build such a thing using python, celery, rabbitmq and ffmpeg. Totally.

@trashcat At least in the U.S. making backup copies of a DVD is not illegal, its called the "Fair Use" clause. Sharing those backups is illegal. DRM is all about making it more difficult to practice your right to fair use in the U.S.

Not sure how this works in other countries.

@trashcat Yeah, especially don't try and break AAACS encryption. You shouldn't do that by using VUKExtract on Windows or by downloading KEYDB files containing leaked master keys and then using those to decrypt a Blu-Ray then save the VUK from your libaacs cache. Don't do either of those, and especially don't upload those online to the global VUK database hosted by evil pirates.

@jookia @trashcat (Honestly, I don't really like the idea of piracy myself. But I can certainly see the appeal, with DRM and the impending wave of Subscription-Only.)

@trashcat If I were such a person, I would probably use the convenient software "handbrake" to archive my DVDs, after installing the controversial library you mentioned.

@trashcat I wouldnt neither boost Nor attract attention to a great way to breaking drm in the toot I replied this to

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