What do you call the key that's next to Alt, and not Ctrl or Space?

(Feel free to comment if you have something to say on this! Also, boosts for visibility would be much appreciated.)

@IceWolf I call it the windows key because that's what I'm used to and what the symbol printed on it is, but I don't like that I do that, so I'll probably get around to changing that sometime.

@trashcat Command is a good one! Mac folks will know what the heck you're talking about, and it's nice and neutral. Even has a symbol! ⌘


@IceWolf I associate calling it "command" and using that symbol with Macs, though, and that makes me feel unhappy.

@trashcat Huh, yeah. *nodnods*

(If it helps, Elementary OS also uses that symbol. I think they still call it Super though.)

angery (but in a lighthearted way) 

angery (but in a lighthearted way) 

@IceWolf Also though, back to the "command" vs. "Windows" key thing, those two keys aren't really the same in the context of the OS, right? Like macOS uses the command key differently than Windows uses the Windows key, so while they're both the "supplemental key on the keyboard", I have in my head that they're I guess "branded" differently for that reason too.

I'm thinking like how macOS uses the command key for things Windows uses Ctrl for like undo.

@trashcat Ah! I...think that's more of a coincidence than anything else myself, honestly. (: I mean, Ctrl is still called Ctrl.

(But yeah, OS X uses Cmd very differently than Windows does. It doesn't really have an equivalent to the Windows Cmd key, actually!)

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