@trashcat I tend to have deleted files stick in the FS cache but not on the drive so when it tries to delete it the operation fails. Requires a reboot to fix.

@trashcat I just had the pleasure of having no wifi. Windows uninstalled the driver. How convenient

@fatboy @trashcat this happened to me, made me look for alternatives to Windows. Was back in 2014, thanks to that issue I now use Linux.

@trashcat Je vois que ça n'a pas bien changé avec les dernières versions. Un environnement anxiogène pour l'utilisateur qui ne peut absolument rien comprendre à ce qu'il est en train de faire.
Je crois c'est la grosse différence entre Windows et GNU/Linux. Pour le premier, l'utilisateur est au service de la machine, pour le second, c'est le contraire.
Lorsque je vois des gens utiliser Windows, je ne comprends pas comment ils supportent un truc pareil 🤦‍♂️

@trashcat I see it hasn't changed much with the latest versions. An anxious environment for the user who can't understand what she/he's doing at all. I think this is the big difference between Windows and GNU/Linux. For the former, the user serves its machine, for the latter, it's the opposite. When I see people using Windows, I don't understand how they support something like that 🤦‍♂️

...and /me moron, looking at da pic, tries to close the view by clicking on the upperrightcorner [X] in the picture....

@trashcat TBF I've had 'file exists' errors in Dolphin (KDE's file explorer) as well. At least it didn't lie to me saying it was an 'unspecified error' only to give a specified error code like this.

@trashcat this seems like ...
🕶️​ :blobcatreach:

... an existential problem.

@trashcat So, as somebody who's never ran into this, what causes this?

@Havvy I don't know for sure. This image is a few years old (I just found it while looking through old pictures). I think a file existed which shouldn't have in the first place (it's a 0 byte file), so I was trying to delete it, and Windows wouldn't let me for some reason.

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