disability meta, ableism 

i feel that currently one of the most important things abled ppl need to internalize abt disability is that it doesn't always mean a disabled person is literally physically incapable of performing a given task; but rather that it would be very cruel and unrealistic to expect them to

just b/c i can technically stand and walk around unaided sometimes does not mean that I should be expected to do so


disability meta, ableism 

@kimdanes i don't remember who said this, so i'm sorry for not giving credit here. but someone said something about this like... "abled people don't need oven mitts. you know, those oven mitts are just holding you back. all you have to do is subject your hands to burning heat over a long period of time and eventually you'll grow the callouses needed to grab the pan without hurting yourself. and you'll be stronger for having had that experience."

disability meta, ableism 

@trashcat what a good analogy

ya gotta love those analogies that just completely obliterate chuds' arguments & rhetoric

disability meta, ableism 

@trashcat @kimdanes

The sad thing is: I've for real worked in places where this managerial mindset was considered a legit dodge around actually backing up safety-conscious rhetoric with actions that'd really make workers safer. :/

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