there's a pride group i found out abt which is a rly cool and good thing to have

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i decided i will be fairly openly out as nonbinary at work this time so i'm doing that

anarchy is great if you're a techbro because you're always going to have this disease where you want ethics to be a cut and dry list of tenets that work all the time, but instead of caring about the four freedoms or some shit, I can look at a situation and go "hierarchy bad people good fascists bad" and I'm usually going to be right

coding sucks when you're stuck on stuff but that lazerbeam of dopamine you get when you break through a problem is like fucking crack

"sell everything you own and give it to the poor" is not that ambiguous. rich people fucking suck.

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instead of debating what i meant when i said "the eye of a needle" maybe just stop defending rich assholes

open for enterprise crapware memetic hazard 

my life goal is to become a seagull and commit grand chips larceny

I want to smash every single cop's face in with a crowbar and this feeling is never going to go away

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antitrust spoilers i guess, death 

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