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Basically, Giant Squid's private alt.
I'm going to be talking about more personal things on here (this includes lewd things, so be warned!). I might try to post more art and about my interests too, but who knows?
Other than that, it'll be the same as my main account.
Please don't try to follow me here if you're under 18.

What is worse in your opinion?

I don't think it comes across on here, but someone once told me I had a way with words and it was really nice 🌼

white people be like: juice too spicy. one LaCroix for me please

The cool thing about my job is there's nothing to do for 8 hours except look at mastodon and forget about my tea

Harry Potter and the Episode of Friends where Ross Pretends to Have a British Accent

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Cube in a cube... In a cube... In a cube... In a cube... In a cube... In a cube

Harry Potter and the Extremely Limited Edition Wu-Tang Clan Album

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This will make me sound extremely pedantic, sorry. I just think the story is funny. 

the best part about making up my genders for the day is how many people this used to piss off. i got a lot of angry anons on tumblr who got mad that i gendered myself as just 'a dragon asleep on a pile of stuffed animals' because it was apparently invalidating and rude

imposing genders on people is invalid and rude. my tertiary gender is iced coffee with almond milk and maybe my fourth gender will be: its homophobic that its too hot to walk outside barefoot but im gonna do it anyway

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so everyone knows when you look into a mirror, left and right are reversed. but how does the mirror know to switch left and right, but not up and down. even if you put it sideways

I have moved on from making tea and forgetting about until it's cold to getting hot water and letting it get cold before i even make the tea

editing the Wikipedia page to prove myself right, mid-argument

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