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Basically, Giant Squid's private alt.
I'm going to be talking about more personal things on here (this includes lewd things, so be warned!). I might try to post more art and about my interests too, but who knows?
Other than that, it'll be the same as my main account.
Please don't try to follow me here if you're under 18.



If I remember it coming out, it will always feel new to me. Time fucks me up like that.


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Hmmm maybe I shouldn't have tagged jesus (the) christ in my post confessing my sins and my utter unwillingness to change lmao 😅

religion shitpost 

Welp, I may have started following @jesus but I'm still gonna post lewd things~


has anyone on the debates brought up american imperialism?

how about abolishing ICE?


I just remembered how my old cat would put his front legs around both of my shoulders and lay his head down when I picked him up. What a perfect baby, tbh

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