Rethinking state slogans and this is what I got for Florida:
We uh, got oranges and alligators. What else do you want?
Tbh this is already better than what we're currently using, even if it is a work in progress

@unbecoming is the part with “tbf” part of the slogan? Because if so, ship it!

@antifuchs I'm open to suggestions! Hell yeah, let's keep it in there 😅

@unbecoming Can't forget Publix! I haven't been in a Publix since 2003, and I miss it every fuckin' day.

@squalorpossum you're so right! I know I'll miss them when I move someday

@Ethancdavenport Georgia's should be:
Careful! If you drive too far south, you'll get to alligators and oranges. 😅
But yours is much more succinct

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