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Don't ever recommend me an Apple product.

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some projects I'm working on (pinned post) 

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Hello World! 

If anyone's looking for some media from places other than YouTube, here's a seasonally appropriate thing.

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silly "flute metal" Christmas music, self promo 

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"I get paid to heat my house in the winter" is possibly the worst take I've ever heard about Bitcoin.

Are there any good reasons for servers that support HTTPS to allow HTTP connections without TLS? My site currently forces HTTPS. Intuitively that seems like the right choice to me. Is there a reason I shouldn't do this?

I want to put a script on my site that passive-aggressively links to like how other sites do with in the noscript tag.

Someone buy and use it to explain how and why to disable JavaScript in your browser.

It could be a nice site with tons of resources for choosing how extreme you want the blocking to be, helping you choose what tool to use (just disable JS in the browser altogether, NoScript, uBlock Origin, LibreJS, etc.) and setting appropriate settings, a testing page that tries to run JS, and you have to block it...

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uspol, military 

For me, the hardest part of participating in the YouTube walkout has been remembering not to update my YouTube feeds when I open newsboat.

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do you know any solid social networks/chatting apps etc. that don't use javascript?

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"Actually, you should like this person because they served in the U.S. military"

Are they currently against the U.S. military? No? Uhhhh pass

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it annoys me when people refer to "decentralized" as a something that implies some amount of centralisation. (the graphic i corrected here is probably )

if i say i want something to be "decentralized" then i mean: it should be less centralized than i am now. like email is very _centralized_ and should be _de-centralized_*, even tho it is a technically federated system.

*: preferably by replacing it with something that has any regard for security..

The Japanese word for umbrella can be difficult for Americans to learn.

The word is kasa, which is pronounced like the Spanish word casa. Now, a lot of us don't know Spanish, but we know enough to know that casa means house.

So we already think that kasa sounds like house. And then we see the kanji (傘) which is four people (人) with something over their heads....... like the roof of a house.

Being up for something and being down for something are really the same thing.

Are there any good serialized audio feeds/podcasts about free software or related topics that highlight the voices and perspectives of women, people of color, queer, disabled, and/or neurodivergent people etc.?

I'm tired of my options being Linux for Men who make "triggered" jokes, and women who talk about the proprietary/business world.

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But were it not for fedi, how would I stay up-to-date on new and obscure TLDs?

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Free software advocacy holds that proprietary software represents the creation and maintenance of an unhealthy relationship between the people who control the production of software and those who are subjected to its operation.

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what is ... wait ... is that *proprietary* shit floating in my glass half full of freedom?!

In terms of just the software, is Gab any different from Mastodon, or is it actually just Mastodon rebranded as okay for Nazis?

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I'm becoming a blockchain bro but for activitypub

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