Extremely unpopular opinion among web developers I guess, but most websites should not be programs.

Generally the response I've gotten to this from web developers is "We hate it too."

@vecna yes, please stop this madness. people don't seem to realize their web apps are slow, broken and ugly.

@vecna Saw a post here that said that most websites should look like some college professor's home page that was hand-coded in HTML in 1997 and hasn't changed since.

@bamfic @vecna ideally it will have updated enough to include the better html semantics for screen readers and stuff but otherwise? yeah that would be nice

@vecna I make programs that are websites for a living and I endorse this message.

website: collection of mostly static documents (can have few scripts for some features but that's it)
webapp: the bloat I'm using to write this

Not any program, spywares and money machine at the same time

@vecna Also: Electron doesn’t turn a web app into a desktop program. Writing software in web languages also doesn’t automatically makes it cross platform. It only makes them run in different browsers.

@vecna I'd bet it's a pretty popular opinion among devs (myself included, especially once the site starts breaking) but I can't say the same for prematurely promoted architects and CTOs or the marketing department.

@vecna As a web developer... yeah, I agree. This stack just keeps getting sillier every year.

@vecna As an upstart browser developer (who also does some webdev) I ALSO agree.

Thanks to it I've got a MASSIVE dependency to audit, I'm afraid Google Chrome will become the only browser engine capable of rendering the modern web, I struggle to get my browser chrome working right in the face of SPAs, and I'd have an especially hard time support in my second browser "Rhapsode" because the events don't match up easily.

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