Can anyone recommend speech recognition free/libre software? @wgahnagl and I are looking for a tool to make transcriptions of our podcast. I'll take "libre tool that mostly works but needs a human to check the output" over "reliable proprietary tool". Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

@vecna @wgahnagl Mozilla Voice is the one I've been recommended.

There's also CMU Sphinx but that might not work as well.

@alcinnz @vecna @wgahnagl I think it's called DeepVoice, see :)

Actually making some progress on Mozilla Common Voice and reading snippets might be a cool little thing to do between talks on #36c3...

@vecna @wgahnagl CMU Sphinx was what I was looking at for this before but I gave up because I couldn’t get it working in python

Hi @josealberto4444 and @vecna

I'm inexperienced here but also found the article @jump_spider already linked in his response here:

Please let us know whether any of these, or something else, worked 🙂


This is a recurring discussion, which we often approach from the adjacent can-we-self-host-Mycroft-yet direction

One thing I did stumble across is that this

is in Ubuntu repos. (yes, the Tcl/Tk version mostly still works. No sign of the GTK version.)

@aylen @switchingsoftware @josealberto4444 @jump_spider

@vecna @wgahnagl
I thought Mozilla had something, but they only have DeepSpeech, which is an engine that uses their Common Voice project, so not exactly a ready to go piece of software. I found while trying to remember what Mozilla has

@vecna @tchambers @wgahnagl

It's probably not OS but Google's new Recorder app has transcription built-in.

@vecna @wgahnagl It's not what you're looking for, but I do know someone who might transcribe it for a small fee.

@vecna i don't know what @c3lingo is using but they have some solution for this

@vecna @wgahnagl I just heard from Kaldi, maybe that works a little better?

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