Here's a take: Media designed to manipulate people is unsuitable for children who might be more susceptible to that sort of thing. As such, all advertisements are unsuitable for children and should not be shown in public.

A better take is "Advertising is predatory and should not be shown."

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@vecna Here's a take: media designated to manipulate people is unsuitable for any human being, who are susceptibel to that sort of thing whether they deny it or not. As such, all advertismeents are unsuitable for human beings and should not be shown in any circumstance.

@furkachi @vecna I think the UK has heavy restrictions on advertisements. Yet still some of the wackiest stuff comes from there xD

In the USSR you didn't really have much advertising at all, so that was a nice thing I guess

@laggard @vecna yeah, we are lucky in France that certain types of things can't be advertised, like medication for instance. We still literally have advertisements from lobbies of the milk and meat industry (and I mean, we have advertisements telling us eating veal is good, for instance).

@furkachi @vecna Imagine, a world where advertising wouldn't nearly be as annoying as it is now :blobcatadorable:

@laggard @vecna It's surprisingly hard to do so tbh. I mean, advertisement takes so much time and energy in our lives that it's weird to think of an ad-less world.

@furkachi @laggard @vecna

most Northern European countries have quite strong regulations about adverts on linear TV and radio when kids may be watching and listening.

in the 2000s the UK banned all junk food ads on kids TV (they were once rampant in my youth), although this has had the knock on effect that commercial TV companies ruthlessly downsized their kids TV production resources and still happens today (eg: a popular 26 episode series only gets recommisioned for 6 episodes)

@vfrmedia @laggard @vecna worst part is that they probably blame it on the regulation

@furkachi @laggard @vecna

they did indeed, although you would also think after 12 years some steps would be taken to recover from it - Ofcom (UK Communications Ministry) who introduced the regulations try to be supportive but ITV claims "not enough money", so the bulk of kids programming is made by the BBC (and unfortunately streaming media is used to get around the regulations and feed kids lots of ad-funded content with even lower budgets)

@vfrmedia @laggard @vecna that's pretty much the reason why there needs to be more control of advertismeent and product placement in kids entertainment. And I don't mean whatever kneejerk reaction YT had or will have the next time anyone says anything. I mean a thought out system that creates a safe environment without penalizing creators.

And when its in place we can generalize it to everyone so that merchentile propaganda can be erased for ever :D

@vecna Here's a take: your post is media designed to manipulate people.

@vecna I think you have to get beyond "designed to manipulate people" and start making judgements about the content for this to work. Otherwise you're going to get stuck trying to define a difference between manipulation and education.

@ghost_bird @vecna

the difference is profit

spam is spam

(the spammers will claim otherwise but they always do)

@solder_on @ghost_bird @vecna

And yet, Public Service Announcements in the U.S. are generally godawful aesthetically as well as being full of bad ideas. STILL trying to unpack many of those bad ideas implanted in my head in childhood. (See the classic "McDs wags its finger at YOU because there's litter on the street." Lol.)

@xenophora @solder_on @ghost_bird @vecna don't they know it, too. I have extremely individual-action-mindset from the PSAs when I was a kid

@amsomniac @solder_on @ghost_bird @vecna

I wish I had time to go dredge some of those wonders up and we could all wile away 2-3 days picking them to death.

@amsomniac @solder_on @ghost_bird @vecna

But what it mostly boils down to is, "Corporations shoved these 'innovations' up your nose literally before you were born and now all the negative consequences are *your* problem & not ours KA-CHING!!"

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