Sometimes people say things like "Doing X is pointless because you're still doing Y." (For example, I saw a discussion of free software where someone went off about how having a fully free OS was pointless because you're just going to use it to access Facebook, etc. anyway.)

1. A lot of positive change happens incrementally. Don't disparage that just because "it's not instantly perfect, so you should give up."
2. Who says I'm doing Y?

@vecna such an important counterargument to make. People forget that if you just discourage people from doing any form of something without going all out, you're just gatekeeping. It's so bad in this community sometimes, too...

@vecna my last dependency is this android rom. The rest are deleted or removed

When my UBPorts phone arrives I'll be google free

Paypal also still exists though they store my money in Sourh Dakota so I'll have to join a local credit union

@vecna as a linux-using fb user who still has win10 for work reasons, i'm reading that sentiment like a person with astigmatism reads some creationist bollocks like ~the eye is an extremely exact design and if even the slightest thing goes wrong with it at any point it is totally useless~

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