If you don't live in a climate where pine trees thrive, are you really living

Pine trees are the last living remnants of the elf kingdoms of middle earth prove me wrong

Pine trees are THE best kind of tree, there is ABSOLUTELY no debate on this

Though all trees are beautiful, pine trees are the fucking KING of trees

The way pine trees acidify soil so more pine trees can grow and they can take over an entire area?
That's direct action.

Pine trees staying green any season any time? They carry the entire forest in the winter and they deserve more recognition, honestly.
Forests share nutrients with each other, and guess who supports the community in the hard times???
That's PRAXIS, baby.

Without the humble altruism the mighty pine, what would the second best tree, (the birch) do when there are only like 2 hours of sunlight

Can you imagine waking up every morning knowing that you might not get to see a pine tree today

Could you IMAGINE having to live anywhere in the Midwest, narry a pine tree in sight

Every morning I wake up and look at the pine trees outside my window and heave a gentle sigh knowing how fortunate I am to be able to be sheltered by their humble grace



Also yesterday I learned of a truly terrifying organism called the monkey puzzle tree, which looks like a huge branching eldritch horror.
Its leaves are sharp and shaped like scales, and are clustered around each branch, making a terrible prickly tentacle.
Standing under it is immensely frightening and they're endangered and I'm going to give my life to their conservation

Also the monkey puzzle tree is a pine tree
I'm sorry deciduous fans, but she has you beat 💅💅💅💁

I mean look at this shit. This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.


@wgahnagl excuse me, nature, what the fuck? who said trees could be like this

@wgahnagl trees are not valid :no_at:

okay i kid these are actually kinda metal

@siosilvar being under one with the wind blowing WILL strike the fear of god into you

@wgahnagl how is it relative to walking through a nice thick stand of cedar in the fall

@siosilvar it's like the feeling of knowing that at any second it could drag you straight to hell with no warning

@wgahnagl If you had a #FB account, you could reap endless karma in the Phytometics group

@USBloveDog Alas, facebook's data collection gives me allergies... I would if I could... maybe I can make a mirror of it through FLOSS channels :')))

@wgahnagl plant praised for regularity that animal life accomplishes regularly 😜

@wgahnagl dayuuummmnn!! that pinecone go AWL the way uP!!!

@wgahnagl @diodelass theyre one of our favorites! they're so distinctive and each one is different

@wgahnagl oh those are fascinating, you see them as ornamentals around here every once in a while although I dunno how well they like the Seattle climate

@Alyx I'm literally sweating bullets they love seattle climate, Oregon is going a bunch of conservation on them Right This Very Second

@photophoregirl @wgahnagl Albino ghost redwoods are super interesting too. They're super rare kind of 'freak' redwoods that lack the ability to produce chlorophyl and are pale in color. They live entirely off of the mycellium network, being fed food by other trees. In exchange they store toxins and heavy metals at much higher levels than other trees can without dying, and are thus very important for keeping the rest of the forest around them alive. Typically conservationists won't share the locations of these trees for this reason. curiosity.com/topics/albino-gh

@wgahnagl we have one of these (or something very similar) in my town's old square, and every time i see it it makes me mad because a couple years ago, they tore up the old square and got rid of all the trees except the one that drops painful sharp hard wooden spike rods. and i'm realizing now they might've been forced to keep it due to it being endangered, but it also feels like keeping it and getting rid of every other bit of shade was an attempt at hostile arborculture (1/)

@wgahnagl and trees are good and ought not to be weaponised to make life harder for poor folk. that tree, and that park, and the people in town deserve better. (2/2)

@juliebean plant👏trees👏yourself👏do👏it👏in👏a👏uniform👏no👏one👏will👏stop👏you👏👏👏


@wgahnagl unfortunately, they also paved over basically the whole place as well. and there's no way a tree would grow up with how often they mow the one small grassy area. but i like the way you're thinking.

@wgahnagl they took a beautiful square with fountains and shade and lots of trees that was a wonderful place to hang out and turned it into a big flat concrete lot with a spot of grass in the middle that is awful but more rentable for big events.

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