the only reason I still use github is because of those damn green squares

@vecna you know, when you make a commit or merge a pull request there's a bar at the bottom beneath all of your repos which is like an activity graph, and I ..... crave that.........

@wgahnagl I'm too lazy to go make this image myself right now, but imagine I made one of those "radical text" images that says,

top text: That's
middle text: capitalism brainwashing you into a toxic ideal of productivity
bottom text: babe

@wgahnagl But also I imagine it wouldn't be too hard for someone to implement that somewhere else, right? (I say, not thinking about trying to do it myself.)

@vecna YEAH I was making a project that would be like a open sorcery hub for everything, so if you wrote a blog post you would get a square, or committed code or replied to a post or chatted in IRC or something, but I didn't end up finishing it lmao

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