Pissed as hell about the misuse of indigenous imagery in the commercial sports game?

Donate to Sinte Gleska University, a higher education facility run by and for Lakhota values:* a facility actively working to detangle indigenous history from its colonialisation. That's like the exact opposite of what redface does.


(*Contrary to popular assumption, SGU is open to all people of any identity, not just Lakhota tribe members.)

I've linked to a Lakhota resource because that seems to be the primary source of the open racist team's iconography, but if you have recommended other resources people should look at, please feel free to add them on.

(I'm also building a collection of links to "ways non-indigenous can support indigenous folk" on my website so links thrown here will help build that out.)

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@emsenn !!! :0 I would be super interested in reading what you have up on your site, but I can't seem to find any links in your bio !
do you think you'd be able to add one there or in a pinned post ?

@wgahnagl I'll add a link to my profile shortly, but it's currently being redone a bit!

It's at emsenn.net


@emsenn !!! 🔥 🔥thank you so much 🔥 🔥

best of luck with your site lmao

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