bro I'm dying I'm listening to this presentation at work specifically for their "diversity and inclusion" program and everyone who isn't white is like "I started as a contractor, I applied here five times and they didn't hire me" and the white dude there is like "I never even considered taking a contractor job" and I'm fucking livid I'm losing my mind

specifically, a black woman who's giving the presentation applied five times WITH RECOMMENDATIONS, and was rejected Every Time, and could only get hired if she became a contractor, a position which is paid less, has shitty health benefits, and Isn't Invited To Corporate Events and they're talking about the pay gap right now ???? I'm going to turn into a werewolf and go on a rampage I'm fucking furious

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and they're talking about like "never doubt yourself :) I'm happy to be part of a company that respects diversity and inclusion" I'm ready to fly off the handle, I'm going to unmute my mic and scream

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like, do they know?? that that's where the pay gap comes from?? underpaid contractor work ??? Do they know that's a huge justification why minorities in tech deserve to be underpaid?? is because they get pushed into contractor work ??? that is underpaid ?? because white hiring managers don't want to Take A Risk ™️ on a black person ??? like am I going insane what is happening right now

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for context, I applied to this job with a recommendation, and Literally Skipped The Technical Interview. I am White

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@wgahnagl unmute and let the info fly, because apparently your colleagues are uncritical thinkers and they need it spelled out to them

@wgahnagl I interned at the company where I work now, then applied for a job as a writer. I never heard back. A few months later, they hired me on as a contractor for a similar position. I have a co-worker who is full time and wants to bring me on board as full time, but I was real with him and expressed skepticism when he told me.

@pizza_party it's a scam it's such a fucking scam, why are people allowed to fucking do this just fucking hire people

@wgahnagl It's even worse for people doing contract work who have to fill out 1099s, because they get treated for tax purposes like they're bougie small business owners when most of them are starving artists or gig economy. I'm actually relatively well off because I can file like a salaried worker and I have benefits.

@pizza_party holy shit tho same I got hired as a contractor for my first tech job becuase my boss didn't want to pay taxes lmao
I had like 2000 dollars in the bank saved up because I was terrified about filing taxes and they took pretty much all of it, the 1099 is a super fucked up form and it's impossible to file without paying fucking turbotax 200 fucking dollars I'm so mad literally every part of being a contractor is getting perpetually hustled by some bitch

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