religion, death mention implied 

@wgahnagl and in another 2 years it's gonna be "this machine marches with the fascists to make sure they don't get out of hand", and then "this machine is a moderate fascist"

yes because fascists can never be elected, just ask tru- wait

@Madponiez @wgahnagl Holding at gunpoint would imply not pulling the trigger immediately.

@wgahnagl I'd put "This machine kills fascists" on my laptop, but the bludgeoning would be expensive, and it's where I keep my data.

improvement, vio, drowning 


"This machine butt-smooches fascists after they're out of office." 🇺🇸

@wgahnagl this machine posts "vote for biden" on fascists' Facebook pages

@wgahnagl this machine thinks letting fascists play "devil's advocate" is simply part of debate

@wgahnagl the shriek of unhinged laughter that escaped my throat when I saw it carried more weight than this sticker

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