tbh sometimes I go onto those really libby feminist blogs just to feel something and sometimes they talk about how woman/woman solidarity is innate and unbreakable, and a bond that can never be shared with a man, but I'm gonna be real with you, my experience of rejecting and being rejected by womanhood as a lesbian will never even remotely be understood by any straight cis woman in the way that my nonbinary and transmasc friends do

fucked up that feminism became the whitest, straightest "radical" movement that has ever existed

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white feminism 

@wgahnagl “sisters standing together, that’s the only thing that matters! unless you’re black or a lesbian or trans in which case please stop making people uncomfortable”

@wgahnagl straight women have such an alienating idea of solidarity between women lmao it's like... we're all sisters in the struggle? shit then my entire dating life is incest I guess

@velexiraptor literally lmao, this bizarre othering solidarity literally pushes me out of every single feminist group I have ever joined, especially when it's a women in tech thing. Just say you're making a space for straight white women and stop getting my hopes up

@wgahnagl back in the day i was active in a feminist circle like this & the community had hairline fractures everywhere. people would do anything to shut up the less fortunate, unless it was an issue they cared about. the amount of drama in that place was unbelievable - almost like they cared about it more than, say, making a change?

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