i think there should be more wheelchairs in fantasy because like are you fucking kidding me an elf wheelchair would be fucking sick

a paralyzed princess who rides an enchanted cloven-hooved chair like who in their right mind wouldn't think that fucks extremely hard

like are you telling me a high fantasy wheelchair, a wheelchair for witches and wizards, a paladin lancer whose steed is a mobility device and cannot be without it for long without collapsing, trained to kneel and let him off, the kind of magical, tender shit that a fantasy wheelchair could be

paladin lancer who sleeps in the stable next to his beloved horse, paladin lancer goes to the city and has to get a regular wheelchair and is forced to put his horse in the stable outside of town, uncomfortable without his best friend by his side, horse is on a quest to become such a noble and virtuous beast of burden that it can be blessed by the fairies and transformed into a unicorn in order to better help his paladin friend manage his chronic illness

an artificer mechanical wheelchair with fucking tank treads. A single wheeled unicycle wheelchair for an offroading, dungeon crawling wizard elf. Fantasy wheelchairs.

@wgahnagl god there's an enchanted walking chair in witch hat atelier and it's just SO fucking cool... fuckin goat legs elegantly integrated into the motif of the wooden carvings...

@wgahnagl okay i looked it up and it's a different design than i thought but it's so good.

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