can I @ the linux instances, could someone adjacent to them boost this, I'm a software engineer with d cups and i don't know how to build a computer, if only there were a strong, capable individual with extremist views on open source software who could help me out of this predicament..... But alas.... No such thing exists.... Not on this federated social media network.... I'll simply have to go to walmart and purchase a HP Slim Desktop Tower Celeron 4GB/1TB Desktop Tower.....

@wgahnagl hello i have $3 and make absolutely horrible part picking decisions, how can i help you

@keith how do u pick parts badly i dont even know how to pick parts i just got here pls help me

@keith can i get one with pretty rainbows on it i want everything to be rainbow

@wgahnagl thats actually WHY i picked the motherboard i did, i wanted one with addressable RGB headers built in because i couldn't find a PCIe controller card for them

@keith *__* OK

tbh RGBs are not going to be my main goal because i straight up dont know where I'll put this thing or how I'l llook at it when I get there like I might mount it on my wall but im not sure
you seem to have a brain full of computer knowledge, how do I build a friend for 1500 - 2000 dollars

@wgahnagl get a current-ish-gen CPU with, like, 6 cores 12 threads, it should last you for a while and you'll have a longer window to upgrade if you need more, and make sure your motherboard has 4 RAM slots so you don't have to waste existing sticks when you need to upgrade.

also, current gen CPUs have pretty decent integrated graphics for most use cases, i can even run minecraft with shaders at ~45fps on them. you probably won't need a GPU yet, that'll save you a bit of money.

@wgahnagl (sorry for the late reply i'm supposed to be in class LMAO)

@keith that's so valid

so are you suggesting that I should get a CPU that's good but with a motherboard with a slot for a good GPU and then when I'm rolling in dough some more I can buy a GPU and pimp my ride further

@wgahnagl Yeah, basically. Although I built mine for about $1000 (although I reused the PSU and hard drive), with $1500 you should probably be able to afford a decent Radeon card (RX560 or something, not current-gen) from the start. (If you can even get your hands on one, I tried to but they were out of stock.)

@wgahnagl Not exactly but from memory it's:
- Motherboard: ASUS B460M-Plus (the built-in Wi-Fi was really weak, you might have to get better antennas or a separate card if you can't use ethernet)
- CPU: Intel i5-10600K? i think? i know it's a 10th gen i5 with 6c12t
- RAM: 2x8GB DDR4

- SSD: 500GB WD Blue
- HD: Seagate BarraCuda 2TB (mine started to fail a few months in, but they upgraded me to a Pro for free, and if you do "advanced replacement" they'll send you the new drive and let you copy everything over before sending the old one back)
- PSU: idk but it's 500W which was more than enough to power the system with the GPU I had planned to install

I recommend getting an equivalent AMD CPU and compatible motherboard instead, though.

@wgahnagl I'm not *entirely* sure but it looks like the AMD PSP is a bit more disable-able than the Intel ME.

Don’t go gentle into the hard wares 

@keith @wgahnagl yes, I think there’s gpu shortage so it might be better to wait on it but I think amd cpu need gpu so get whatever you can I’m not sure though :blobcatghost:

Don’t go gentle into the hard wares 

@sidd_harth0_5h4h @wgahnagl Ah yeah, I forgot about that. You might have to get an Intel, in which case you should look into whatever motherboard you get to make sure it's possible to disable vPro/ME.

Don’t go gentle into the hard wares 

@sidd_harth0_5h4h @keith @wgahnagl AMD's lower end has integrated. All we could get our claws on was an Athlon 200GE, and I think most of the Athlons do.

...uh, isn't the B460 motherboard stuff AMD-only? At least our motherboard is a B450...

@wgahnagl Accidentally picked a motherboard whose BIOS won't let me disable Intel vPro (the Management Engine remote memory access shit). I'm *hoping* it's because it just doesn't support it


@wgahnagl oh god oh fuck oh god oh fuck HERE THEY COME

@wgahnagl to build your own computer you first need to buy a lot of legos

@behold3r ive heard about this
i have some legos at home do u think two medium sized tupperware containers of 20 year old legos would do the trick or do u need more than that

@wgahnagl do you have the cute old sharks? from before they made the new ones?

you might need those

@behold3r oohhhhh shiiiit, no I don't have any of those I basically just have normal bricks, wheels, and little single block eyes, I'll go see if I can pick up some sharks, thanks for ur advice

@sidd_harth0_5h4h idk probably just whatever
I don't really Play Games as much as I wander aimlessly around bizarro online environments and use them like larp chatrooms but I would like to do that and be able to load 20000 discrete 3d models into my ram

@wgahnagl will you be using widows 11 or naked feet (gnome) or dragons (kde)? :blobcatblep:

@sidd_harth0_5h4h windows 11 seems like such a fake made up thing, what even is windows 11, I'm just gonna use the external SSD I have plugged into my laptop with the version of windows I pirated onto it in like 2019 lmao if I have to set up windows one more fucking time I'll commit arson
I'll probably run fedora on it

@wgahnagl then amd gpu might be better as it has built in support for naked feet & dragons 😈

@wgahnagl I use Fedora too but on a lapped topped with only an Intel cpu no gpu 🤫

@sidd_harth0_5h4h maybe I'll do the big boy hugebrain move and run windows in a VM if I have enough juice to make it worth it

@wgahnagl @sidd_harth0_5h4h yeah for that you'll probably want a GPU if you can get your hands on one, and maybe more RAM (go with 2x16G or 16G + 8G so you still have free slots for later upgrades)

@wgahnagl * has entered the chat*

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