I got a hacker watch for Christmas that can send disconnect packets to people's computers, which is really cool, but the issue is that I don't do any real hacker things, which means that while the thing itself is very cool, showing it off is at best a minorly annoying flex, and using it to "hack" a "computer" to show it off is uncool to the point of almost being cringe

that said, as a watch it is Ridiculously cool due to the fact that it can tell time and has an antenna on it


it's a COOL watch like, it's a veritable clout machine but if you saw this in public on someone who wasn't making an outfit out of it you'd want to bully the shit out of them and ask them a billion quiz questions about pentesting and whatever else

@wgahnagl I think that is very cool! If anyone disagrees they get a disconnect packet.

@wgahnagl hm now im wondering if its moddable so you could put a bunch of sub-GHz and bt radios in it so you could turn it into some sort of Flipper Zero but a watch

@sys64738 if this is the same board, I was obsessed with this thing because the guy who designed this was in the same weird frat as me and I was like frothing at the mouth because he hadn't sold it anywhere or anything and it was just a project he was working on in the dorm and dropped out of RIT to pursue it

@wgahnagl no its absolutely not the same

i was thinking of replacing the guts of the watch with the innards of the flipper zero though

@sys64738 oh no this is a different flipper board lmao the flipper I know is an arduino like little dude

@wgahnagl cant do *too* much with just an atmega32u4+esp8266 sadly

ok they can do usb and wifi but tehy kinda suck at it

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