this is what it's supposed to look like. You should be eating this. Hey. Are you listening to me. Eat this.

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like, is this what we have to do? Is this the only thing that comes to mind when you think of the concept of glory? The PC master race meme? a nordic man? If you got rid of the nordic guy, the PC gaming race would have been an innocuous dogwhistle. If you got rid of the PC gaming race, it would've been a man with glorious hair and it would've been cute. Why is there a 4chan meme on my keycaps.

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it's a COOL watch like, it's a veritable clout machine but if you saw this in public on someone who wasn't making an outfit out of it you'd want to bully the shit out of them and ask them a billion quiz questions about pentesting and whatever else

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I'm really proud of this logo I made for my direct action group but as I get things made for it, I realize this is probably way too mask off for what I want to do, especially because I am trying very hard to avoid saying we are a direct action group to the middle aged women who are part of it

nextdoor screenshots, exactly what you think it would say. 


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opening "you've gotta be fucking kidding me" commissions, in hopes of raising 60 bucks to get an unhoused salem resident's phone turned back on.
Regular commissions are also open.
check for commission information
cashapp and venmo are witchcityaction

who would win, a collection of websites maintained by puffball for almost half a decade, or one (1) surge protector under my couch

selling little mesh pouches full of these firecracker things and matches and red and orange gemstones and calling them "spell of I hope you fucking explode" and selling them at witch shops for fiftteen dollars

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