I've just made this account why must we live in this cyber hell this sucks

oh my gosh look at this check out this graphic I can post on linkedin
the redhat folks just sent me this for accepting my offer I love it so much

I'm just in love! The depth and dimension! The artistry! Surely this was made by a very talented craftsman.

Such quartz! Such shimmer! Such variety!

Shoutout to this dev who just pushed a test notification to everyone using the fly Delta app

job, the final one 

If my living room doesn't look like this by the time I turn 25, don't call me, I won't pick up, I've fallen into a deep depression.

Like for real: knock knock, bitch. I'm moving in. Sorry.
My dinner table is going to be a massive stone block once used for grinding wheat. I don't know what to tell you.

like who??? gave her the right....
like I don't believe in god but looking at a lilac tree in bloom is really a test of faith, my god.

Veteran's day 

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