I refinanced my student loans but I still had to pay like a month's worth of interest to sallie mae, so I just paid them off and it gave me a link to this video that starts off with the words "student debt is out of control. in the us over 1.2 trillion is owed in student loans" every single moment of adult life feels like getting hit by a progressively larger truck

like sure you guys's flags are cool and all but I think the lesbian labrys flag is the only one that is just INTIMIDATING as hell

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Caps, bad email from a company 


like I don't want to be over the top here but this is the basic design of the global representation of god that you find in the prayer room in international airports.

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it's a lime green spaceship shaped trashcan, a trashcan is something you literally keep forever, my parents have trashcans over 20 years old and it's an object you use like 10 times a day please it's a SPACESHIP

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like, if I ever get my hands on one of these things don't expect me to participate in society ever again

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