I bring to you the blessed birthday cake of good fortune, granting you and all your friends ten thousand years of good fortune, but only if you reply "happy birthday, Puffball"

ok this is my pitch for a new keyboard layout. You hold the thing in your hand with your hands in claw mode, and there's one button for each knuckle of your finger, along with a squeeze sensor for space, and a thumb heel sensor for shift. You type a character by pressing that button with the corresponding segment of your finger.
Pressing shift on one hand lets you use the numbers (0-9 counting up from your left pinky) but pressing shift with both hands puts you into special character mode
Maybe pressing certain buttons at the same time could let you use the arrowpad
basically the reason why I want this is so that I can sit on the ground making strange hand gestures like a wizard

ok the people seem to like the octopus but should they be a tentacle puddle or should they stand upright like the github cat

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