Taking a complete 360 with my art rn. I’m tired of being disappointed with myself artistically and I’m tired of prioritizing quantity over quality. It’s okay to not fill a sketchbook every month, in fact, it’s good! Because that means I’m being more thoughtful about what I’m putting in my sketchbook. While I enjoyed experimenting with heavier shape language and less detail and learned a lot from it, I love hyperfocusing on small things in a piece and shouldn’t restrict myself from doing so.

I'm so lucky I met Reese when we were 11 because if I were dating in current year I'd fuck up so many people, I love talking to people I have no interest in even being friends with, let alone dating


Barging into a doctor's office demanding to know why my pussy looks like that and insisting they fix it immediately

it only just occurred to me that the words "straight" and "diagonal" are technically the same length. i've always felt like diagonal was such a long word and now i just feel confused

Actually I think I am over "ally" as a concept and as a word. There should not be a special label or category for "people who are not bigoted toward me." That should just be the default expectation for a person.

I am going to have beautiful form
my SCA swordsman skills will be legendary

I am forever changed (cooler) (gayer) (SCA practice enjoyer)

it's tough to try to make a SCA persona when you're half black and your family history only goes five generations back because they were sold as property

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