imploring the pleroma crew to be normal
asking so nicely and let me take a nap I'm sleepy

"The brain generates consciousness from nothing" and "the brain conducts consciousness from a higher realm" are both just new forms of proto-religion. If you want to be a real atheist you need to deny the brain's existence.

it's just funny when people are like ">>>>:0 WHY DID YOU BLOCK ME" and then turn around and immediately do something that would make you want to block them lol

I'm a bad admin, I can't follow my own instance policy of pointing and laughing at chuds who believe themselves to be wrongfully accused of pleroma crimes because the image server is down
please my fellow countrymen pretend this is a screenshot of a screenshot of our instance block policy and laugh

librepunk registration is closed temporarily because of pleroma crimes 😔😔😔😔😔😔

probably a good thing that my computer started making a new sound that means shes feeling chatty and trusts me

type of guy who thinks laugh tracks are bad because they're emotionally manipulative

sorry for still no images librepunk my ethernet cable isn't long enough but aren't you glad that I kept the frontend hosted somewhere else because this downtime would've been awful

my special sauce of ridiculous silly goofy nonsense clutter is becoming extremely concentrated since I'm moving into a much smaller place but I love it so much tbh

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sorry for the no images librepunk im commemorating the independence day of this great country (trying to get wet boxes up three flights of stairs)

I was sitting at the bottom of the shower thinking about bad Star Wars movies as one does, and does anyone remember that bad just dance clone with a Star Wars skin slapped on top of it that had a bunch of really bad Star Wars covers for pop songs that were popular 15 years ago? Well the Han Solo song was a cover of "flying solo" where they changed the lyrics to literally just "I'm Han Solo" which is repeated over and over. But then I thought "wait. In the movie solo, The big revelation on why he is named Solo is literally just because he was, quote, "flying solo"".

cohost-adjacent, FOSS 

The whole situation with cohost is IMO also an indictment of the broader FOSS community, which has clearly failed at effectively communicating to the general public *why* open systems matter (eg. possibility to correct governance issues), instead just presenting "well, it's open" as if that in and of itself is something people are expected to care about, without any understanding of how that materially improves their circumstances

The Ring predicted the jerma "peep the horror" incident

what if we took american large pickup trucks but we chained them together so they can fit more people and be more powerful?

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