ttrpg but the mechanic is just making themed playlists

you see, racism isnt real, because of crime stats, which are completely objective and not influenced by racism. i am very smart.

Saw someone on Reddit justifying this the other day by saying there’s a difference between domestic and foreign actors getting your data, and that it’s better if domestic ones do it. Like, ???. Literally what is China going to do with your data?? The US will send cops to plant CP on your laptop and then kill you in a no-knock raid but ok!! As long as the Chinese Menace doesn’t get your data, dude! Free Hong Kong or whatever!

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@LuigiEsq I had one guy argue that China was going to blackmail everyone with that data they collected. This person was unfamiliar with COINTELPRO.

[dumbest person alive voice] well we live in a democracy and if we don’t like that the government is collecting our data we can just vote them out

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hewwo can we pwease get ur monies before we put you on a watchlist and try to starve and bomb your fathers home country becuz scawwy cuba!!! 💞

I just bought two lisa frank notebooks the other day and let me tell you I will Not stop looking at them

@witchy a kawaii superpac for latina voters to elect trump !!! >w< pwease donate !!

@witchy oh my goodness your background is so cute which makes this whole thing so much better lol

imagine media where a character who lacked empathy and/or experienced intense psychosis was a character who was not a serial killer or currently being hospitalized or in a story explicitly about abuse.

It's so hard for the government to handle the COVID-19 crisis without accidentally revealing that it's totally possible for the state to improve working people's lives in a dramatic way. Really tough to find solutions that keep a lid on that.

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Flight to Lesbos

It's incredible to me how many proprietary mobile flashlight programs exist and how much of them will steal any and all data they can get their hands on.

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