horrifying picture of Joe Rogan (Nipple Warning ⚠️) 

im so sorry

please leave eugen be he needs to work on implementing fedicoin

Cease and desist from Facebook to Barinsta, a FOSS Instagram client


At approximately 21:33 UTC July 26 2021, I have been hit with a cease & desist letter from a law firm repsenting Facebook. The letter was sent to one of my personal email address as well as Barinsta's public inbox (and as a result, it is published). In response, the source code has been taken down, and all promotional materials within my control has been adjusted to reflect the fact.

While I believe it is nearly impossible to fight a resourceful multinational firm and reinstate the app, we will still try to get as much resources as we could to navigate in this crisis.

At this dire moment, I ask you to do 1 thing: Please let others know what is happening here. Such bullying behaviour against a young university student is in no way excusable. Such bullying behaviour against many internet users is in no way excusable.

It has been an honour of a lifetime to serve as one of the main contributors of Barinsta. I am forever grateful for the countless supporters along the way.

Thank you & Best Regards,

Austin Huang austinhuang.me


new gender just dropped 

garter belt dagger sheath

it's time to dethrone eugen. i vote we hand the reins of the mastodon project to beebo

madam, you impugn my honor. i would never have a take

i’m glad eugen solicited feedback from people on the app and then did his classic “hm... You’re Wrong, Actually” before going back into hiding

anyone else watch television? basically visual podcasts?

Flareon is the only fully evolved Pokemon that cannot learn solar beam

I think people in the media ans mainstream politics freak out about our country coming apart at the seams, but a lot of the things that are happening are bound to happen when human consciousness can't be so easily shaped by government control over a small number of media outlets (television and radio being prime examples). The diffusion of information sources and increasing plurality was bound to happen with the internet. And it would've been stunningly good had we given our citizenry a proper education before it arrived.

4/4 time signatures are so pretentious. just call it 1

Imagining an alternate world where for some reason the word butch got memeified the way the word twink or femboy did

I genuinely wonder what it says about the wider consciousness of straight people that to them lack of attraction to women speaks louder than explicit homoerotic tension with a man

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i love that the wider consciousness has recently decided that Light Yagami is gay, primarily because Misa comes onto him all the time and he never reciprocates at all. yknow. not because of the extreme homoerotic tension between him and L, of whom he literally washes the feet of

You dont need to wash your clothes it's a myth created by big soap to stop u from wearing ur coolest outfits 5 days in a row

If you, you just die in my arms tonight, you die in real life

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