illustrated haiku, CW for blood / lewd 

frightened new fluids - / a forbidden act of death / by the pleasure walls

#mastoart #art #haiku #poem #poetry #sajanrai #painting

tip for fedi admins: the Cloud is very expensive. stay away from services that pay by use, because they can balloon very quickly and suddenly you have a large bill to pay

It’s easy to forget that the new folks don’t see pl. in someone’s instance name and hear kill bill sirens immediately

A lot of Mastodon instance admins are either getting their first hosting bill or getting a very increased bill from extreme growth and usage. Some may be experiencing bill shock.

Please make sure your paying/supporting them!

Twitter was free because you were the product. Mastodon doesn't work this way.

Many instances list a patreon or donation links on their about page.

I don’t feel sorry for Mr. K. West but he does remind me of troubled children who are so certain that any adult will eventually yell at them and hurt them that they keep pushing boundaries until you are required to respond. It’s a method to avoid getting close to people who will betray you by quickly exposing the contempt the child assumes you really must feel. All compassion and kindness must be shredded because it *can’t* be sincere.

i hope you guys understand that my posts are gonna be insufferable in a week when dwarf fortress steam edition comes out and i just keep posting inscrutable, contextless bits of content like "holy shit the blacksmith, Glup Shitto, flew into a rage and threw his wife into the Elephant Lava Chasm and is now slaughtering an entire contingent of elven traders wielding his legendary artifact hammer made of dolphin foreskins, Glöbokshittîr,"

mh, doom on the fedi, blah blah 

Someone is definitely gonna get mad about this post but I'm not wrong and neither are you. Like we know that the true crime girlies who swear that ingesting that horrible media constantly "keeps them aware and prepared" are re-traumatizing themselves and self harming by doing so and this isn't all that different. Self harm doesn't always leave visible marks, sometimes it comes in the desperate up hill hike to remain informed about the latest and most graphic horrors to the point where you can't see anything but despair and hopelessness

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The #SailfishOS #Jolla Community Newsletter is now out, in which we discuss Pine Logs 🌲 (that's PinePhones and Log files 😃). Adam talks about his porting activity (#fxtec #volla #PinePhone) 📱 Damien gives his repository roundup 🐙 and we look at the latest apps in the Jolla Store 📲

If Kanye doesn’t stop all this Nazi talk, he’s definitely going to win the Republican presidency.

Shouts out to usps, the only place that will send a letter to Scotland for the low low price of whatever international forever stamps cost

press [FUNC] + [BUSSY] to enter BUSSY EDIT mode

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