say those three words to me and I'm yours 

abstract installation art

my tumblr is like *200 posts of abstract art* *a flash picture from the vacant interior of a house that was on the market in 2002* *something from 1997* *far left talking points* *a cake someone bought at stop and shop*

i cant believe *someone* is subtooting the people who criticize the subtoot culture of this site

ok everyone post one picture that makes you smile

am I an anti British nationalist? yes ofc. am I an anti Irish nationalist? yes and no, depending on who is calling themselves the nationalist. am I an anti nationalist when it comes to the Palestinians? hell the fuck no.

you see what I mean

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what does 'anti-nationalist' even mean. feels like such a broad term to mean actually nothing and one that's going to miss a lot of anti colonial nuance

Comic about online dating, mention of sex 

This is a comic I made in 2016 when my friend was really busy with online dating. I wasn't really familiar with it personally because I had an old phone for the longest time, but I was enjoying her stories. This is all real, I'm not making anything up. Always wondering about the ethics of what I do but I figure its ok to laugh a bit with those guys.

#comics #onlinedating #mastoart

can't stress enough how abnormal my dick is and the extreme measures i am taking to normalize it

please president xi... invade california and distribute the covid vaccine

im so sleep deprived that most of my body hurts

but body hurts too much to fall asleep

now thats some intelligent design

me as a teen, buying this is funny for pornography reasons

me as a sophisticated adult: is funny because it's now in so many databases and every browser in the world

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something called "adsbot" is crawling my blog. i'd block it, but it's very funny to watch some adtech company waste their effort on

@systemroot @dragon
Being trans means dark makeup and combat boots to scare the cishets

did you know we in the english language have an exact phrase for the precise temperature of the inside of a tauntaun? 

yeah, it's luke warm

just imagine a skeleton inside you going absolutely ham every time you walk around, moving just like you. Ridiculous

body horror 

never forget

“your bones are wet”

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