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I am going 2 have lineage on one half and stock oxygen android with google play services enabled on the other so I can still be a functioning member of society while also not being a functioning member of society


I have purchased a oneplus 7 pro from ebay so I can dual boot lineage on it

lewd, bad 

I'm being findommed and edged by the federal government

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remember when they said that they'd forgive 10,000 dollars of student loan debt and they didn't

I'm collecting bills like infinity stones, once I have all the bills I'll be unstoppable

Creating and selling gadsden flags with an italicized /me/

Hnghghg I'm a thirsty little FOSS, you have to fix my issues. You have to use your free time

it's times like this that I get so pissed off about the lottery
It is honestly the world's most fucked up scam, like sure let's specifically target the most desperate people with the promise of saving them from their soul crushing lifetime of debt, and then take all their money and give it to one random guy

when I pay off my student loans and my car loans and buy a house and pay off my house loan and pay off my medical loans that I'll inevitably have because by this point I'll be 50 it's over for you motherfuckers

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I find myself imagining a hypothetical rice farmer who lives off of two dollars a day

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but like how can anyone in the adult world have any kind of peace of mind when once a month everything changes price, like how can people not be perpetually pissed off who let it get like this

I always imagined that only childhood and adolescence would be categorized by feelings of helplessness and terror but as it turns out, that's actually the whole thing.

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hey also, why did my electric bill just get sold to a completely different company

hey why is it that I need to spend all of my money as soon as I get it in order to continue to live

@Thomas yeah it would really be cool if my internet bill wouldn't triple suddenly with no improvement in service for no real reason, other than the fact that I've had it for a year

hmmmm it's a little unfair that cell service in the US is run by literal extortion rings

heavily cursed brain noise 

ugh, fine, me hearty... ye do be me little grogchamp

wait there's been an animal crossing direct, is there an update on villager dialogue I just want to talk to my friends omg

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