If you refer a friend to Mastodon with the code "MASTO69" you'll get $5 off your next renewal. Eugen told me this before remotely disabling my graphics card

legally changing my name to an SQL injection

This MLK day remember how history books have pacified the memory of the civil rights movement to trick modern dissidents into thinking peaceful protest and nothing else is the only viable tactic for social change.

MLK practiced nonviolence but encouraged a diversity of tactics and acknowledged the crucial role of other approaches. Don't be the pacifist asshole who is fooled into undermining your own movement by ratting out violent comrades, MLK wasn't.

I just get so excited about free software and shit like that, y'all.

I'm gonna have so many fucking snails what am I gonna do holy shit


Hey uh

Don't expect people to just automatically recognize sarcasm. Please clarify if people are confused; don't just leave them out of the joke.

@queeranarchism 👌 👌 🔥 🔥
totally ask your admins about it, 3.0 has a bunch of cool new features that would help new users a bunch

I like it when my curtain freezes to the fucking window. That's pretty cool. /s

So there's this webbed site called showmyweather dot com that seems to be... a weather forecast site, right? But all the forecasts I'm seeing were "Updated Jun 22, 2015" which is.............. unhelpful.

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