Imagine seeing the word "accessibility" and saying, "Hm, I feel like this word is too easy to understand. What if we condensed it to a wholly unintuitive 4-character abbreviation?"

i would simply, not internalise surrounding social mores

help, my dick and balls said they were "sick of this quarantine bullshit" and stole my bicycle and rode off, help what do i do

hey being jokingly mean to people, especially online, only works if there's a pre-established relationship ensuring that the other person knows you're joking and not just being a random dickhead

@emsenn 💗💗💗💗💗💗🎉🎉💗🎉🎉👌💗👏👏👏 good for her!

5G grumbles, extreme pessimism 

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@emsenn i read this as endo-chiridianism, the process of having the enchiridion from adventure time deep within your soul
But also very good word lmao

@Deiru librepunk 🤝gensokyo

Having 4 active users all with vastly different interests

@Deiru a safety feature so you know where you can hang a picture!

This isn't to say anything about how the "Wrestling isn't a sport, idiots" shit actively gets in the way of health and safety regulations in the industry

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unionize professional wrestling

I'm serious, those workers are exploited as fuck

You wanna talk about "essential workers"? Wrestlers are being forced to work in an already unsafe work environment, because the wrestling companies need to keep ratings up.

The last time wrestlers threatened to unionize, the WWE made it into a plotline where all the unpopular wrestlers staged a "wildcat strike", demonizing the union movement before it even got off the ground.

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getting sad and watching the taylor swift 22 music video, wishing I had female friends

im a native italian.... n i block you.... now..!!!


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