Every time I try to learn it, my brain completely rejects Unreal Engine. I open a project and I go "uuuuuuugggggghhhhhh" until I have closed the project. I am immune to possessing knowledge of how to do things in Unreal, or wanting to

bro I would just like some justice before the peace bro like that's all I'm asking for

hans in his stuttgart and all's right with the world

it's fast, it's easy, and it's free: deleting your reddit account

actually, the factoid that 90% of germany runs linux is false, stuttgart hans, who lives in a cave and runs over 2 million arch installs is a statistical outlier and should not be counted

mh, -, ;__; 

it would be kinda cool to have some support from my mom while going through the scariest thing I've ever had to do

sorry, hans from stuttgart. you are too foss epic bacon for me. our forbidden relationship cant go beyond muse and simp

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I'm gonna be so mentally healthy I'm gonna unlock psychic powers

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keyword blocking posts that contain the pleading emoji

when will we see the reveal of the monads.online rival, wonads.online

Studying when you're not a student is *infinitely* more fun and rewarding than when you are a student

My oc Lavender ☂️ She’s the quiet one in class that never raises her hand but knows all the answers. You can copy her homework but you’ll have to pay her lol.


I find so amusing when libs try to explain ACAB like “well it’s not all cops are bad, is bastards! because it’s the system that’s bad. there can be good cops :)” like bitch no every cop is bad and a bastard you have to admit that your cop uncle Dave is a piece of shit someday.

omg I forgot that the proud boys were men only lmao could you imagine

this is a shitpost, I know why 

I wonder why we do not simply arrest the armed right wing militias, sending counties into states of emergency

ancient romans didnt actually think U's and V's were the same thing they were just doing a typing quirk

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