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me: can i have self awareness

mother nature: for higher order thought and organization skills?

me: yeeeees

me: self loathing time

The talmudic injunction או חברותא או מיתותא Friendship or Death is now about mutual aid politics, pass it on

Maybe it was #homophobia all along?? 🤔

"Ending the lifetime ban on queer men donating blood made ‘no significant change’ to HIV rates in US blood banks"

@keith she was raving about her surgeon and the speed of her recovery
she was giving his card out to the guys she was hanging out with lol
I think this is just a pure subconscious human desire that made its way into my brain lmao

UK politics / education 

Schools aren't allowed to use anti-capitalist external resources when planning their curriculum. What the fuck?

we call TERFs feminists because they use feminist rhetoric, call themselves feminists, and embed themselves in feminist groups.

the whole "they're bad so they're not real feminists" thing is pointless. it's like saying the Westboro Baptist Church isn't real Christians. You're not going to win by saying neener neener and playing semantics.

TERFs use similar tactics to fascists and often are fascist so it's not bad to draw these comparisons, but you can't just say TERFs aren't feminists. Feminism isn't a pure unproblematic ideology that bad people are excluded from.

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wow you think the beatles are bad? you must be really smart. you must be just the coolest person ever for that. wow

one interesting thing to watch politically over the past few years is the number of people realizing that most of our elections system is put together with spit and toothpicks

I love that John Brown once declined to hack a pro-slavery fighter to death, so instead he approvingly watched as his sons did it for him. A real family man

it would actually be good for ebooks to destroy the book industry because people who read deserve to get a headache for it

when i die I'll know I died fulfilled, remembering that time Eugen posted "everyone's talking about some kind of cube"

The frediverse (a social network for people named Fred. It's fully frederated)

the brony fandom is the ironic funhouse mirror image of the furry fandom

we all know the government can see you when you use google, but did you know the government can't see you when you use bing? that's where i go to google 'massive fannies'

id like to be very clear: paying me to shut up will not stop me from finessing your dad. we got a good thing going

she had a bunch of tattoos but they didn't heal well because of her wild horse blood
she had a girlfriend who was a witch who was doing tarot for everybody

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i had a dream about a trans girl who went to get bottom surgery but she was like "hang on, while we're here,..." and surgically became a centaur

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