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lightdm looks real fuckin gross ngl anyone got any good login managers that aren't gdm lmao

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real unix hours is when you're trying to do homework but pulseaudio can't get the high quality audio playback sink, so you spend an hour and a half playing with pulseaudio and bluetooth settings in the command line, only to switch login managers because for whatever reason that solves this problem

There's something oddly fun about hooking my phone to a keyboard, mouse, and full sized monitor, and then sshing with ConnectBot into a full Linux server and doing some coding. Dunno what it is.

Ever see a cutie and go “humminah humminah! Awooooga!” While your eyes bug out of your head and your bow tie spins around and around and around

‪can’t wait to find out if i lose my civil rights tonight on *blaring lights and honking noises*...the supreme court! ‬

The Worlds Best Politician has just spent several minutes making out with an elf and is only now realizing that we’re not in kansas anymore

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in some ways my life is at a weird bad place but in so many ways my life is better than its ever been and that is entirely because Im surrounded by wlw on all sides goddamn

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being a lesbian is my favorite thing about myself I am so so grateful for the wlw community I love wlw so much I love lesbians so much Im so grateful to love and be loved by other wlw literally if I think about it too much Ill start to cry I am so incredibly lucky to have so many amazing women around me #internationallesbianday

post: lesbians-
me: already boosting it before i finish reading it

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